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A comprehensive listing of anecdotal reports of Wellness breakthroughs and results for use of MMS, MMS2, CDS, CDH and other Church Sacraments, against different conditions.

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TOPIC: Chronic fybromyalgia along with Arthritis!!!

Chronic fybromyalgia along with Arthritis!!! 18 Oct 2010 00:23 #4

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From Jim's Oct. 16 Newsletter:

Hi Jim,

“Another success story chronic fybromyalgia along with arthritis this poor lady was unable to stand for more than 5 minutes at a time her hands knees and ankles swollen, misshaped hands all buckling out of shape, on first hour of taking mms she felt less fatigued, one day later her hands are free of wrist supports she is following the mms protocol and on just her fifth day she is starting back on her exercise walking machine, one week just 12 days after starting mms she's flying out to Spain on holiday with her daughter on a standby flight. This lady is 47 years old, my fathers bowling friend 86 years old good health until suddenly getting tight chest short of breath went to his doctor he has a blood count of 82 doctor gave him iron tablets and made an appointment with the hospital specialist he took one drop of mms morning one drop evening one drop next morning ,that afternoon he got the runs so laid off for 1 day his doctor checked his bloodcount again it was 92 , a few days later he checked him again his bloodcount was 108 hes feeling much better his doctor said to him those iron tablets must have done the trick, funny thing is hes not even opened the tablets yet , nor has he seen a specialist yet and hes only taking one drop of mms every second day now. Jim feel free to contact me any time all the people i have mentioned will gladly speak to anyone and are lifelong advocates of mms as im sure anyone who gets the chance to witness someone being cured of some so called incurable disease will also be I'm sure.”

God bless Jim and team for now.

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Re: Chronic fybromyalgia along with Arthritis!!! 21 Oct 2010 16:44 #10

I've had fm for years, thankfully not too severely but daily life was at best uncomfortable and often painful.
I began on MMS nearly 2 weeks ago starting at 1 drop each, (so presumably MMS 2 as supplied by mmseurope).
I built up slowly, a drop or so a day but have now throttled back from 7drops x 2 to 5 x 2 per day as dire rear (forgive my humour) set in!
By day 3 I experienced a real reduction in muscle and joint pain and an increase in energy !
Improvement has been slower since but definitely still worth continuing; I have halved my NSAID pain killers now.

I have nodules on hands and knuckles which are, I think, rheumatoid arthritis, so far no significant change in these.
Also small wart on my thumb appears little changed, but that is the least of my problems.

Will keep posting any significant changes.

MMS is a real blessing and by far the most effective thing I've tried to date.

If you read this Jim, thank you.

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Re: Chronic fybromyalgia along with Arthritis!!! 21 Oct 2010 16:58 #11

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Hi Alex,

One of the great advances in using MMS is Jim's recent creation of more effective protocols for healing. For fm you might consider what's called Protocol 1000. Because chlorine dioxide only stays active in the body for 1 to 1.5 hours after a dose (no matter how large the dose is), this protocol calls for taking smaller doses every hour for 8 hours a day.

For you, you could perhaps start with 1 drop an hour. You can mix all of your doses for a day at once, and keep them in a bottle with a sealed lid. Mix your MMS and activator (for 1 drop/hour that would be 8 drops MMS) in a dry container, wait till activated, then add a measured amount of water and measured amount of some juice without added vitamin C (for instance, if you make a quart of mixture, you'd take 1/2 cup per hour).

If that makes sense to you, see how it goes and definitely let us know. :)

BTW, my partner Cynthia is also on a course of MMS for fm

Cheers, Bruce
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Re: Chronic fybromyalgia along with Arthritis!!! 21 Oct 2010 17:13 #12

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the advice, however, as I have a history of lung cancer, hacked out 13yrs ago and had a TIA 2/3 yrs ago, I am keen not to create oxidative stress, so I space my doses to allow for use of overnight slow release vitamin c.
As I have/ (had? took a course of serrapeptase in the hope of breaking it down) a large plaque in my ascending aorta, (source of the TIA) and possibly others, I need to keep arterial wall strength good!

Regards Alex

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