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Question My herpes experience

12 Apr 2017 15:22 #55408 by Chrissylee1111
My herpes experience was created by Chrissylee1111
Hi, I have been a long time lurker, I think it's time to discuss my experience. I caught herpes from my ex, I first discovered it when I had the usual burning and itching but this I could handle, the worst part for me was the anxiety attacks and low mood and fatigue. With the first outbreak, the load mood lasted a good month.
I have always been very healthy (body builder) and have always watched what I put in my body. That first outbreak was about 9 years ago, I had not had a single issue with it until...
We had just purchased a house that needs a lot of work, I decided to step back from the gym for 3 months, at the same time I had a nasty scare, I had a mole that might had become cancerous, all of this negativity caused me to become very anxious and tired, that old feeling starting to creep back, I never really combined the two until I had the outbreak, this feeling lasted a week before I decided to start on mms. I did protocol 1000 for 3 weeks but had some major issues, the sickness and tiredness was just to much. My mood had lifted but I was still tired and had the feeling that it was still lurking. That's when I decided to really tackle it.
I started using CDS on a hourly basis, I found this a lot more palatable with no side effects, I then started on my usual gym routine while taking 2 protein shakes, creative, l carnatine and l glutamine and BCAA's all of the above help me train and recover better.
I then looked from herbal remedies that would support the immune system, so I also took kelp, orleander tablets and curcumin 99. Within the first week all symptoms had gone and my mood was back to normal. I have continued with this routine for 6 weeks, my plan is to go for 3 months.

What I have learnt is that your body is so unique and likes balance, wants it becomes unbalanced and negativity creeps in then you are opening up yourself to all sorts of problems. Nature and the evil pharma companies have given us some pretty awful viruses and infections, but like our bodies, nature also likes balance and has given us all the cures we need, if we know where to look.

I truly believe that we should be looking at over rememdies that work well with MMS.
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14 May 2017 17:43 #55654 by Archer
Replied by Archer on topic My herpes experience
Which activators did you use citric acid or HCL?

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