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Question Less bleeding gums from flossing teeth since using MMS in brushing my teeth

24 May 2016 23:49 #52325 by kentaurus
This is testimonial, success story, from using MMS as a teeth brush substance daily.
I read the latest book by Jim Humble "Health Recovery Manual" and following the protocols start brushing my teeth every day, 2-3 days a day. Just recently I resumed flossing my teeth and when I did floss in the past I always had bleeding gums as a result (my teeth are positioned tight to one another). It is known fact that there is bad bacteria living in the mouth and if one does not floss his/her teeth the bacteria can grow and feed on debris from food in the teeth. So today I resumed flossing my teeth (I wasn't doing it for a while) and I was surprised that my gums don't bleed as much as they used to or don't bleed at all after the flossing!
Thank you MMS!
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