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Question Throat Cancer, Sun Burns - MMS Testimonial

03 May 2016 04:12 #52129 by ix

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12 Oct 2016 07:01 #53763 by BrendaSchafer
Replied by BrendaSchafer on topic Throat Cancer, Sun Burns - MMS Testimonial
Sun burns are very dangerous, it kills the tissues of our skin. It comes out after our skin is exposed to UV rays. We can recognize it after our skin becomes reddish. A lot of exposure of the skin to UV rays may cause skin cancer. Many people out there are suffering from skin cancer, so it is very important to take proper measures to protect your skin. Sun tan lotions, sun hats, sunglasses, proper clothing can be very helpful for skin protection. Using sunglasses is a must. When we carry sunglasses it protects our eyes as well as the area around it. Wholesale fashion sunglasses suppliers offer affordable sunglasses for men, women and kids. These are some simple steps to take care of your skin.

Brenda T Schafer

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12 Oct 2016 22:45 #53771 by gabyher
Replied by gabyher on topic Throat Cancer, Sun Burns - MMS Testimonial
This is total none sense.
Sun has never caused skin cancer, this is pure propaganda created by pharmaceutical Cos to peddle their dangerous sunscreens. Sunscreens causes cancer yes; sun never caused cancer. If that were the case sun exposed countries (African, South American, Asian countries, all the islands) would be riddled with skin cancer cases which is absolutely not the case.
I am a white male born in West Africa. In the 60s, 70s, 80s I used to spend at least 6/7 hours a day in direct intense sun with no sunscreen, to get tanned to the max 9 months/year and for 24 years (I was a beach bump). Getting sunburns was an inevitable routine. There were 1000s of us at the time. Never heard of a single case of skin cancer. It's only in the 80s that they started to plant this myth in people's mind. As for sunglasses, none of us wore them (too expensive at the time).
Actually according to many non conventional doctors, if you have cancer, sit in the sun.
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