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A comprehensive listing of anecdotal reports of Wellness breakthroughs and results for use of MMS, MMS2, CDS, CDH and other Church Sacraments, against different conditions.

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TOPIC: cervical cancer

cervical cancer 06 Mar 2014 02:52 #40900

like to speak to someone in Australia,prev. Tasmania that used MMS drops before having surgery of cervical cancer cells found after a biopsy.

I like to convince my daughter who is skeptical to go on the drops before surgery.


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cervical cancer 06 Mar 2014 03:13 #40902

  • Rev Ray
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There is a testimonial section here on site
Google Cervical cancer and MMS together to find more info/testaments.

Please tell your daughter that MMS (drops) is the very same chemical our bodies make to eliminate disease. That there is a very low rate of success using traditional measures. That drug co's know OXIDATION is the cure, and push antioxidants.
That MMS has a higher success rate than conventional methods.
That she has nothing to lose but Cancer by trying the drops.
Have her take MMS/CDH in capsule form to avoid a taste aversion that often prevents one from sticking with the protocol long enough to effect the cure.
That we all want her to get better.
That MMS is a water purification system, that we are mostly water, that we are mixing lemon juice with a specific healing salt crystal and That it may be the greatest medical discovery ever cause it almost 100% eliminates 100% ALL disease., no typo.
Please avoid the naysayers, they are ill informed including wikipedia.
www.mmswiki.is is a great start as is jimhumble.com and many more.
Or get the books, or see www.cdautism and see how one woman is reversing Autism and has 100 recovered children under her care.
That MMS is not bleach any more than table salt is bleach.
Sodium Chlorite and Sodium Chloride, only diff a "T" and a "D". ;)

That many many people report results using MMS while decades or/and drugs and that conventional "medicine" did not provide relief as it is not intended to.
\ That the solution is simple, PH is key and her area is acidic, disease is acidic.
That acidic environments such as Cancer can be safely PH balanced using this Oxidizer, quicker and safer than any other method known.
It is simple chemistry, acid balanced by MMS makes the PH we need to live.

That is (not only) my opinion.

That MMS need not be taken forever.
Best luck to you both.

The "Cancer Diet"

Any time you use a protocol which is designed to kill microbes it is very, very critical to avoid eating foods and drinks which feed or excite the microbes. This includes cancer because cancer is a microbial disease.

An acidic diet of foods and drinks will make this protocol less effective because microbes will breed much faster and be more aggressive in the presence of an acidic diet. In other words, the microbes will breed faster than you can kill them!! This includes the microbes which are inside the cancer cells.

What this means is that without a solid "cancer diet" there is no way this cancer protocol, or any other cancer protocol, is going to be effective!! The "cancer diet" is also the number one way to stop the spreading of cancer!!

An alkaline diet includes, among other things:
1) ZERO sugar,
2) ZERO white flour,
3) ZERO soda pops (even diet soda pops are forbidden),
5) ZERO dairy products,
and so on.

After eliminating all the foods that feed or excite microbes, what is left over is basically whole foods, whole fruits, vegetable drinks and other healthy foods and drinks.

We advise that some B vitamins must be sourced from animal proteins as many who maintain a vegan or veg diet can have a longer more difficult time healing. The best source of B's for healing, Beef liver.

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