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Loved Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS

25 Nov 2012 03:14 #27245 by melissa826
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS was created by melissa826
I just wanted to give a huge Thank You to everyone that has provided me with the knowledge and help that I have received since I first learned of MMS. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 1 year ago this week and being only 25 at the time, it was a pretty upsetting diagnosis. My first 6 months or so after being diagnosed were pretty difficult and stressful. I had every symptom imaginable, from full body numbness to losing complete function in my arm and leg...to exhaustion and horrible headaches, memory loss and brain fog, electrical shock sensations running down my spine and through my arms and legs, and the infamous "MS Hug" --a horrible tightness/extreme squeezing around my midsection. I'm sure I've even missed some symptoms, but you get the idea. It wasn't fun. After my first major "attack" or flair up I read that some people will have a flair up and then will get better and not have another one for years and years. This was not the case with me. In 6 months I had been hospitalized once, had to relearn how to walk and tie my shoes and get dressed, had to administer my own IV at home 2 times (3-5 days each time) and had 3-4 more attacks. It was an incredibly un-fun rollercoaster.

In July I began taking MMS. Shortly there after my hands which had been numb pretty consistently since Nov. 2011 began to get feeling back. My handwriting started looking more like a 26 year old and less of a 5 year old. I was able to type for longer than 3 minutes at a time. I have now been taking MMS for a little over 4 months and as I type this tonight, without jinxing myself, the only symptoms I am still experiencing are extremely mild numbness in ONE finger on my left hand and occasional fatigue. I am baffled. I cannot believe that the symptoms that plagued me continually for 6 months have all but vanished. I am so eternally grateful for everyone that helped lead me down this path. I can't say that I enjoy the taste of it with the high dosage that I need to treat the MS, but I will take the temporary awful taste any day over my lasting symptoms from before.

So anyways, this is just me saying THANKS! And I definitely would recommend doing your research if you have MS and are not happy with your current treatment as this might be something that can help you out as well! :)
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25 Nov 2012 04:49 #27249 by damon
Replied by damon on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
So good to hear hopefully the symptoms will completely go away!! I believe MS is pathogen caused and pathogen killers or reducers will give a person some or all of their life back. The Zapper technology or bio electrocution is another method I am researching and feel strongly about, after all you can kill a human being in a 1000 plus different ways just ask the FDA...ooops..lol so why cant cancer have multiple kill points as well!!!

I found this website started by a man named Ken Presner that had severe MS and completely reversed it. He reengineered the product that saved his life to be even better than what he used and started selling it since he was an engineer before he was wheel chaired by MS and disabled but not anymore! The idea behind his recovery was killing viruses bacteria and pathogens the same as MS does but in totally different way! My post recently on the Zapper was the type of method he used and later perfected with his own version. The concept came from researcher/Dr Huda Clark.

Here is the link to his website the only thing his method cost 180 dollars or so but it cures it in his testimony. Since your symptoms are only partially gone if they don't completely clear up, I would learn how to make CDS with your MMS kit!! Or also consider the link below! Arsenals against preventing and curing ones health you can never have enough of, that is in todays world!! If you ask me!!

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01 Dec 2012 16:54 #27526 by aferkatch
Replied by aferkatch on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
Hi, I have an aunt with very bad ms. I use mms for everything and it works great for me but getting my aunt to try it is tough. Can you tell me how you went about your mms dosing and diet. Also where you still taking your medication at the time of mms dose's, does it matter. Thanks for your help.

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01 Dec 2012 17:16 #27527 by melissa826
Replied by melissa826 on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
I started off by using the baby bottle method.

It starts you off real slow, 1 drop the first day, 2 the second...and so forth. I am now up to 3 drops per hour and while I would like to be taking it for about 8 hours a day still, it seems my schedule tends to only allow me to take it about 4 or so times. But I still feel great. Many people do not have faith in things that are not "doctor prescribed"...that's how we have been trained to think...so it's hard to convince people to just stop what they were told to do and try something not well known and accepted. It even was hard for me. I was taking my daily injection once I started taking MMS--but those injections had never done a single thing to help me and I felt no relief while taking them. I do think it is just a racket to keep you coming back for more. At $1500 a month, it's insane. The injections do not fix damage already done, and almost all of the damage has been repaired--thanks to the MMS. But, that said, there is not any negative interactions with the injections while taking MMS. So perhaps you could convince your aunt to start MMS while still taking her medication and if it helps her, she can choose if she believes it was the medication or the MMS...or maybe she would think it was both working together. I don't think that it really matters as long as she can start to feel better! And there is no harm in giving the MMS a try. I would try just about anything to get relief from the horrible symptoms I went through. I'm extremely grateful to have found MMS before having to try too many alternatives.

After she gets going with the baby bottle method she could then move to the recommended protocol 2000:

However, I had all of my symptoms relieved just from the baby bottle usage. I am going to start taking MMS2 this week though to see if that helps even more!

Good luck! I hope your aunt decides to give it a try. (Oh, and as for diet, I have not limited myself to any of the diets you may read about in conjunction with MS. I'm not sure how much stock I hold in them...though I do try to eat healthy and avoid processed foods and preservatives whenever possible. I did a lot of research on diet and one says don't eat meat and another says eat lots of meat and so forth. So I just figured I would try eating as healthily as I could without having to give up anything completely.)
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01 Dec 2012 20:46 #27533 by AmandaMary
Replied by AmandaMary on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
I am so please about your progress, we restore health back to many suffering from MS at the genesis 11 health and restoration cetner and find that we have great success with sea water, cats claw and Protocol 1000 plus

Start very slowly.

Day 1: take a half litre empty clean bottle, add 8cc/ml of CDS, add water and fill to the top, replace cap, shake lightly. Divide the bottle with a marker pen in 8 equal parts, every hour add the CDS water mix equal to one of the lines to a clean glass, top the glass with more water and allow to drink. Repeat this process 8 times every hour. I suggest eating breakfast as normal, wait to hours before starting the protocol, avoid foods containing Vit C at lunch and antioxidants, meat, fish, liver etc. Eat what he likes for evening meal 2 hours after finishing last dose of the day. No taking Vitamin C supplements or others during the whole day or for the next 21 days.

Day 2, as above.

Day 3: the same as above but add 1cc/ml DMSO to the glass of solution for all 8 doses. Never use the same syringe, always separate one for CDS and DMSO

Day 4: add an extra 2cc/ml of CDS to your daily bottle and an extra 1cc of DMSO to the glass.

Never use the same syringe, always separate one for CDS and DMSO

Continue same until day 7 and increase again by 2ccml CDS in the daily bottle and add an additional 1cc of DMSO

only take 2 capsules of cats claw in the evening two hours after taking your last dose of the day. Drink a small amount of sea water in the morning.

of coarse it is always best to come to the center to be monitored, the above is a guide line, but you will need to monitor yourself carefully and have some physio

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04 Dec 2012 20:54 #27678 by aferkatch
Replied by aferkatch on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
Thank you so much. I will try n keep you posted with her progress.

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05 Dec 2012 07:41 #27706 by blondeambition3
Replied by blondeambition3 on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
Wishing you light & Love as you continue in your path towards wellness <3

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23 May 2016 11:24 #52312 by Douglas
Replied by Douglas on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
Hi all,

I'm new to this and having just ordered my 1st MMS supply here in the UK I find I'm a bit confused as to how much MMS to initially start at. I've had MS for 15 years now, never,ever was tempted down the Western drugs addiction route, so I hope my body is clean from those type of toxins and poisons. Symptoms 1st started when I was wire brushing mold off an outside wall...

My question is how much MMS to start with? Starting Procedure in MMS Health Recovery Manual advises 1/4 drop of MMS every hour for 8 hours, should you use DMSO with this as well? Any thoughts really appreciated!

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23 May 2016 17:55 #52313 by RevPaul
Replied by RevPaul on topic Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and MMS
Hello Douglas,

Best to follow the "Starting Procedure" in Jim's MMS Health Recovery Manual first, then implement DMSO, but test first for allergies (instructions on page 61 in the manual).
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