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Question Ganglion cysts

12 Dec 2010 23:14 #114 by Lori
Ganglion cysts was created by Lori
Now, this is weird, because I always heard that a ganglion cyst is a mechanical problem, not a bacterial one. Nevertheless, whenever I take a course of MMS, the ganglion that I've had for years on the back of my wrist disappears!

The first time this happened, I didn't even notice it was gone until I was done with the three-week course. Nevertheless, I knew it wasn't just a coincidence. A couple of months later it slowly started growing back. It's not a big cyst but it does hurt a bit. The next time I started an MMS course (I do the one that's two or three drops every hour for eight hours a day) I watched it and saw that in three or four days it flattened out.

Unfortunately, I irritated my throat by drinking my MMS doses one day in a water bottle, which is a new method I'm not sure about. Somehow, the gas built up in the bottle. Maybe I let it wait too long before adding water, or maybe it got too warm in the car. In any case, I decided to cut the course short and try again later. This time, the cyst came back in a couple of weeks.

I have the feeling that if I took MMS every day as Jim recommends for a maintenance dose for older people, that my ganglion cyst would never reappear. But I'd have to have a better reason than that to take MMS orally every day!

I wonder if the cyst isn't some opportunistic bacteria that colonizes a weakened area, and the MMS attacks it. Now that I've heard Bruce's lecture on using DMSO to carry it in through the skin, I'm going to try that more direct route. (I use medical-grade DMSO).

Since the medical procedure to get rid of a ganglion cyst involves needle aspiration and drugs, and STILL doesn't get rid of the cyst permanently, oral MMS works at least as well as that! And we can do it ourselves!

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13 Dec 2010 17:54 #116 by brtanner
Replied by brtanner on topic Ganglion cysts
Hi Lori,

Thanks for this. The reason your throat got burned was from chlorine dioxide gas that built up in your bottle :( . This happens particularly when it's too warm - we all had it happening during our trainings in the Dominican Republic where it was warm all the time. You can blow the gas out of the bottle before drinking, or pour your doses into a glass before drinking.

The more chlorine dioxide that off-gasses from your batch of doses, the weaker they get too. Do try to keep your bottle cool.


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13 Dec 2010 18:14 #117 by Lori
Replied by Lori on topic Ganglion cysts
Thanks, Bruce! Good idea about keeping the bottle cool and letting any gas out. I suppose the very best kind of bottle for it would be a kind that automatically shrank to the size of the liquid that was in there. But those don't exist, as far as I know.

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17 Dec 2010 00:06 #129 by MoJoe
Replied by MoJoe on topic Ganglion cysts
One additional note...if we do end up leaving our spray bottle in the car or somewhere it get's hot, do NOT try and open the bottle; there is a good chance it will erupt like a shaken bottle of Champagne and can burn someone or something...if you must continue to use your spray bottle after it's been hot, please open it in a bucket or sink full of water and allow the gas to escape slowly...jp

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