Question CDS vs MMS. What seems better?

16 Apr 2012 07:27 #15953 by Jomajoo
CDS vs MMS. What seems better? was created by Jomajoo
Hello everbody, I am new to the forum since yesterday.

Six weeks ago I had mononucleosi, also know as kissing disease or Ebbstein Bar Virus. Parallel to it I had a middle ear infection. For the ear infection I needed to take antibiotics.

After 2 weeks I felt better, started to work again. 2 days later I relapsed and got sinusitis and ear infection again and Again needed to take antibiotics. It didnt disappear, doctor gave me then the strongest antibiotics on the market. This helped. So in total after 23 days of antibiotics my immune system is also gone.

Meanwhile I read about MMS / CDS and decided to take it right away if the next virus or whatever appears. I dont wanted to take it parallel with the antibiotics, I thought it might be too strong for me.

Well, I didnt have to wait long for this try. Right on the same day when I stopped taking antibiotics I got lyringitis (well, it is quite sure that is has nothing to do with the end of taking antibiotics as the lyringitis is viral and not bacterial).

I immediately started to take CDS which is now a week ago. I bought a 0.3% solution which equals 3000ppm if I understand it right. Me was told that approx. 4 drops od CDS equals one drop of MMS. So I started with protocol 1000 with 6 drops CDS. I erucated a bit but nothing else happened. But I have to mention that i first put the CDS drops into anemty glass and then added water. I got told then that in case of CDS it needs to be the other way around. First water and then the CDS drops. So I corrected this and now take it correctly since 3 days.

So here is my first general question: as it seems that CDS evaporates at 11 degree Celsius, is it therefore possible that the water must be cold as well?

All right, here I continue the story: I increased rhe number of CDS drops continually. I am now at 60 drops CDS 3 times a day which seems the highest recommended dosis for MMS. After I took it it takes approx 20 minutes and then my lyringitis doesnt hurt that much anymore but still hurts. Then after a couple of hours again it is almost same pain.

So finally I could say that so far CDS might possibly have almost no effect since my body may have gained the progress since one week by himself. Well, on the other hand it might have been gotten worse which didnt happen. So I dont know.

I just ordered MMS now and will start with it in 1-2 days.

So my questions are: was I Doing wrong in the dosis as 4 drops CDS doesnt equal 1 drop MMS?
And also: can I expect better results from MMS? Can I inhale CDS as well as MMS? I guess not but I am not sure.

Thanks for your support.

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16 Apr 2012 16:03 - 16 Apr 2012 16:09 #15971 by pam
Replied by pam on topic CDS vs MMS. What seems better?
Welcome, Jomanju...

Dosing is different with CDS and unfortunately you have not been taking it the proper fashion. I'm afraid the person who gave you the dosing was incorrect. If you have the 3000ppm/L, you need to take 1mL to equal 3 drops of MMS. You should be on the 1000 protocol (which you'll find on the website) The problem with comparing drops is that droppers are all different sizes! Many droppers are 20 drops per mL, but some are 15, some even less than 10. That's why CDS is measured in mL.

You need to be taking the 1mL every hour for 8 hours a day - not 3x a day. And do it for at least 21 days. The reason being that according to Jim Humble, they have found that a lower dose of MMS taken more often is more effective than higher doses taken 3x a day. MMS is "used up" in 1.5 to 2 hours, so if you've taken 3 drops or 15 drops, it's all gone in 2 hours, max. By taking the lower dose over a longer time, you keep the MMS working in the body. About viruses he says (in his latest book, which you can purchase from )

viruses are killed by a different mechanism than bacteria and all the other microorganisms: MMS prevents the formation of special proteins necessary for viral growth, thus causing the destruction of the virus. The killing of disease-causing organisms generally takes between 4 hours and 4 weeks, but often less than one week.

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16 Apr 2012 21:11 #15996 by Jomajoo
Replied by Jomajoo on topic CDS vs MMS. What seems better?
Thanks Pam! All the best.

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09 Jan 2018 01:47 #57229 by Lauriel
Replied by Lauriel on topic CDS vs MMS. What seems better?
I'm just trying CDS after being on MMS on and off with success after 8 years. I have chronic Lyme and a host of confections. I tried the CDS cause I'm burnt out on MMS. it's so hard to take with the die off... but the die off is good cause u know it's working.. but it's hard to live that way. I'm not having any reaction with the CDS.. I don't know why.. so back to the MMS. It works.. In order to give my body a break I do it hard for as long as I can then take a few days off and break.. it's really important to eat well and keep your mineral uptake high and lots of water so it goes deep. Good luck.. sorry I couldn't help more.

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10 Jan 2018 00:53 #57243 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic CDS vs MMS. What seems better?
Did you follow the equivalent dosing as shown here?

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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