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Question Government vs. Society

27 Feb 2012 16:33 #13216 by brtanner
Government vs. Society was created by brtanner
Thomas Pain pointed out in Common Sense that there is a difference between society and government.
Where society is intercourse among the people and government is violence upon the people.
All societies have similar rules: Do not injure others. No society on earth rewards injury.
This is contrasted to all governments’ rules: Do what we say or we’ll injure you ourselves… and they claim that society has granted them this power!

The only problem with the government’s claim is that a society can’t give what it doesn’t have…
and a society doesn't have anything beyond that which the individuals who make up the society have.

If I don’t have an apple, you don’t have an apple, and our ten best friends don’t have apples, then all of us put together don’t have apples. 0+0+0+0=0. Add millions of other individuals with zero apples and the result is the same, zero apples. Notice that we don’t suddenly have apples because we get together- nor can we give anyone else apples, since we are apple-less. It is impossible to give what doesn’t exist and 0 ordained, established, granted, given, transferred, or delegated to someone else is still 0. Without invoking magic or the divine, this is an immutable, universal, and self evident truth.

This is even true within our society: We the People.
We the People do not have anything beyond that which you and I the individual have.
Or put another way
We the People can only have those things that you and I the individual have.
This includes the power to administer violence…

If I don’t have the power to inflict arbitrary violence on you, and you don’t have the power to inflict arbitrary violence on me, and our ten best friends don’t have the power to inflict arbitrary violence, then all of us put together don’t suddenly have the power to inflict arbitrary violence. 0+0+0=0. Again, we don’t suddenly have the power to inflict arbitrary violence on each other because we get together. And since it is impossible for you to give what you don’t have then it’s impossible for you to delegate the power of arbitrary violence to someone else… 0 granted to someone else is still 0.

So, if we can’t inflict arbitrary violence on each other then we must ask, when is it right for me to use violence on you and when is it right for you to use violence on me? Then we will know the meets and bounds of any 3rd party which claims to administer violence in our name:
· The only just use of violence is to defend one’s interests from injury, or to make one whole after being injured.
1. Your power to violently interfere with my private affairs is limited to when my actions have caused or will cause you injury.
- Your power to delegate violent interference to a 3rd party is thusly limited.
- A 3rd party may only violently interfere in the private affairs of others if it has been delegated power by an injured party.

The defining characteristic of a republican form of government is that it is one of delegated power. Power springs from individuals to their delegates who make and enforce law in their name. Inherently, these delegates are limited in power by the power of the individuals who are delegating authority to them. However, these delegates have insisted their power is total and any scribble they place on paper must be obeyed. Ask them where they derive this total power from and they will point their finger at you! Again, they are faced with the obvious problem that you do not have such power, and I do not have such power, therefore they cannot get this totalitarian power from us. 0+0 transferred to someone else is still 0.

Right now, men and women clothed in government are administering violent regulatory power over the non-injurious activities of others on your behalf, claiming you granted them this omniscient power. This is an obvious fraud because, as we’ve observed, it’s impossible for you to give what you don’t have. They are wielding this usurped power to cajole, manipulate, bend, divide, control, and malign you and me so that they can more easily extract our wealth. This is the source of our common ailment.

In America we have about 3000 usurping totalitarian militant governments ignoring their republican charters and bleeding us dry. It’s estimated they have amassed a staggering 60-110 Trillion dollars in interest bearing assets above and beyond their operating expenses. They license all activities and trades of natural right; permitting or not permitting individuals to earn a living at their pleasure, they take a bite of every transaction at every part of the supply chain which almost doubles the price of everything we pay, and they exempt their preferred businesses from being responsible for the injuries they cause us citing the greater good theory.

And it's not just us here in America, all over the world, these men and women are occupying our societies and stealing our wealth.
But it need not be this way. Within ONE generation we could have a government of delegated power instead of a government of theft and violence. But only through mass understanding of the difference between delegated power and usurped power can we have the republic that rightly belongs to us by constitution and by birth right.

I believe that in order to progress we must understand the difference between government workers exercising delegated power as guaranteed by a republican form of government and government workers exercising usurped power manifested from their own imaginations.

I suggest that You immediately:

1. Recognize your limited authority over my private affairs
2. Recognize my limited authority over your private affairs
3. Educate your sphere of influence to the same

Our protection comes from having our neighbors understand these concepts! Indeed, not understanding these basic concepts formed the basis for our grand-parents going along with the government’s twisted interpretation of the very charter that originally delegated/granted them power. How difficult is it to administer 17 specific powers that any eighth grader can read?

What will our excuse be for going along with a group of men and woman who exercise non-delegated violence upon us? “They promised they wouldn’t use their total power to…fill in most recent government atrocity and unexpected injury to our neighbors…” Are we so naïve?

Will you truly understand the difference between usurped government power and properly delegated authority? Will we recognize that the only valid law, is the law that protects the individual’s interests, the one that all societies adhere to anyways: Do not injure others.

Objections to liberty:
1. Lack of regulation got us into this mess.
Yes, and protecting individual liberty provides strictest regulation and protection for people, because it makes all companies directly and totally responsible for the injury they cause each individual.
Most of today’s regulation exempt corporations from the injury they cause, many times legalizing certain amounts of injury citing the greater good theory.

2. No one can live alone-Individuals need each other, therefore government must rule.
-True that individuals need each other… that is why we have society.

3. You people don’t like authority.
- We LOVE authority, we just disagree as to what legitimate authority is.

4. Why won’t you let me search you, what do you have to hide?
- My privacy. I hide my privacy outside your view.

5. I just don’t think we should have to depend on the good will of others.
- Because you believe it is harder to influence and educate than it is to steal. Theft and violence is easier than influencing. But it is unhealthy and makes thieves and criminals out of well meaning people.

7. The markets fail on their own.
- It’s true that government sponsored stock markets fail on their own because they rely on unnatural forces, moving against the stream instead of with the stream- Individual choice never fails because only each individual intimately understands the extent of need in his environment and can take measured action to remedy/further his situation.

8. Who will pay for the roads?
- The same people who pay for everything. We will. And we can do it without huge middleman markups.

9. The government gives people blank.
- Individuals in society are who give people blank. The government gives nothing. The government takes by force from one individual- keeps half- then distributes the rest as it sees fit-is a terribly inefficient middleman.

10. Yeah but people need help..."
We don't disagree that the wretched in society need our help. Being a part of society, I do feel obligation to my fellow man. And the healthiest method to distribute that help is charity... not violence.

11. I like paying taxes because without taxes the government would not run and there would be chaos.
- It is true that without revenue the government will not run. There is a different between taxes and fees. Where taxes to not oblige the government to perform a service while a fee does. Cheap is cheaper than free because it is possible for cheap not to exist, it is impossible for free to exist.
Many people think that they are buying services when they pay taxes. Taxation is theft because the one doing the taxing does not need to provide anything in return. Just because you paid a tax doesn’t mean they must provide a service!

12. Overspending on the military undermines national security-

13. Licenses need to be given to protect the consumer.
1. Licenses criminalize the personal choices of the consumer.
2. Licenses create a cartel among license holders which cause the consumer to pay more.
3. Licenses create a moral hazard for the consumer.
4. Licenses limit the amount of damages a consumer may obtain from an injury sustained by a licensee
5. Licenses limit the amount of skilled labor in a particular field which raises prices
If the state wants to help, they could create voluntary competency tests that the provider could use in his marketing efforts to persuade potential buyers.

14. When you question the source of their power over you- and they
-Cite God or the divine. Ask them to prove it.
-Cite an idol or other similar magical talisman. Laugh.
-Cite violence. Then it means war.
-Cite you. Explain you don’t have it to give.

By Michael Chavez, California "Cracking the Code" (Pete Hendrickson) Warriors
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