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Question Parasites and MMS. General Cure.

28 Oct 2012 02:36 #25599 by KennethWalter
Replied by KennethWalter on topic Parasites and MMS. General Cure.

l.j.l. wrote: that makes sense....i have been doing john d's herpes protocol for 4 weeks now, and im still doing it..so, im not sure if this will kill the parasites, or if i should do something else... :huh:

I dunno...just don't rush in cuz you're sick of being sick.

Keep a look out, keep asking questions and you'll get the info you seek.


I recently came upon MMS and FGHP therapy at the same time. And NOW more recently, I stumbled into old therapies, like turpentine!
And I always support peoples right to choose whichever therapy they see fit to take!
youtube- daniels, why turpentine is good for your health most excellent info with instructions and warnings for proper preparation prior to using turp should you choose to do so.
diamond g in georgia was the best turp I found.
also check out the borax conspiracy about arthritis, worth your time to read.


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