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17 Oct 2012 15:50 #25013 by Judles
H. PYLORI AND PEPTIC ULCERS!!! was created by Judles
:( :angry: :sick:
I hope someone out there can help me!!

I believe I may still have H. Pylori, I was treated for it back in Feb. I was already diagonosed with Gastritis, and Im sure now ive developed a Peptic Ulcer!! Since I have not gone back to see a Dr. since March. This is when I quit all my prescription Medication and started MMS. I have had great results with MMS except for this problem.

I have also have introduced Calcium Benotine Clay into my life. I drink it, and frequently take Clay baths. Now Ive started doing Coffee Enemas. I had such a swollen stomach,continuous pain and discomfort. As soon as I did the Coffee Enema the pain went away for about an hour. This pain used to come at night and now I have it 24/7!!

I am at my wits end and I really am trying to not go see a Dr. Please if there is someone who knows about this and can suggest some natural remedies I would greatly appreciate the input.

Thank you!

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