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27 Apr 2014 20:33 #43635 by pam
Replied by pam on topic Hi Everyone
Hi, Camib, Yes, I was very fond of Megg - she had some real major medical issues which she detailed here on the forum, and yes, there was fear there - you were so right.

The cancer protocol is protocol 2000, which you will find at the bottom or the page. As with everything, the sicker you are, the slower you start, just so that you don't have huge herxes. You can add MMS douches and enemas to get more MMS into your body.

Once you reach the 24 drops a day (3 an hour for 8 hours) - then you slowly add the MMS2 into the batch, starting with 1/4 of a capsule (using a size 0 capsule) (or just a few grains) of MMS2. The next day, you would do 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Slowly you're going to build up to 1/2 a capsule 3-4 x a day.

I'm not as much in favor of alkaline water - MMS work on an oxidizing principle, you don't want to keep throwing anti-oxidants in there. I realize that some dude back in the 1930s said that cancer will never survive in an alkaline environment, but that particular theory is now 80 years old and since then they've discovered that cancer is not one disease but is many (I was quoted 64 by Andreas Kalcker at one point) - so there is no ONE diet that is right - what Jim recommends is that you get a well balanced diet including proteins and so on. It's hard to find a food that doesn't have an antioxidant, and in essence, it's fine to eat most of those - but there are somethings that will literally kill the MMS coming out of the gate - For the time that you're actively taking your MMS, I would use neutral water, not alkaline water, with the dose..

Archbishop - Genesis II Church of Health and Healing - Washington State
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27 Apr 2014 20:56 #43639 by gjplaceres
Replied by gjplaceres on topic Hi Everyone
Hi Camib

If you are not using 3 drops per 8 hours you are no in Protocol 1000, so any method that you use is not following this forum regulations. Also my recommendation is not a PROTOCOL is just a personal recommendation to help you be prepared for the Protocol 2000 that is the protocol for people with Cancer. In order to reach that level that is not easy path, you need to prepared yourself. For that reason I make my recommendation. But do what is better for you, you are in control of your health that is what is important here. Welcome to forum.
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28 Apr 2014 00:58 #43646 by Rev Glenda
Replied by Rev Glenda on topic Hi Everyone
Hi - It is possible that you might have the same kind of alkaline water machine (Enagic machine from Japan, Makes Kangen water) I have and have been using for 7 or 8 years. It is good water, BUT when I started using MMS - I STOPPED using the water, (even the one called clean water) with my doses and went strictly to Distilled water - Jim says reverse osmosis water is ok. The R O - has nothing in it, not good or bad. I had been doing lots of posting about my water machine, wanting to use my water.. Finally someone, don't remember who now - told me that My Enagic machine had fluoride in it, even though no chlorine like city water.

SO - my recommendation is to buy distilled water for your doses ( I get mine from the dollar store and it's only $1.00. I didn't want to do or take anything that could cut down the MMS from working.
Just don't drink coffee, chocolate or Vit c or juices with added Vit c within 2 hours of your doses.

Don't need to fast to do MMS. You need to give your body good nutrition. Like Pam told me in one post -

You can eat during the 8 hours you're on protocol - just try to not eat at the same time you are dosing - give yourself 15-30 minutes between dosing and eating.

If the taste and smell is bothering you - you can take your doses in a capsule, NO TASTE - NO SMELL. I do mine as: I activate my MMS in a small glass - then suck it out with an eye dropper and put into the capsule, add my DMSO, seal the cap and then put the water I'm going to drink (at least 1/8 c for each drop of MMS) into the glass I activated the MMS in and wall la - you're done. :

Don't get discouraged - DON'T QUIT. You're not alone in all this. :woohoo:


Be Blessed! I am! :cheer: God & MMS have healed my "Lil Scot" !
info is offering suggestions based on experience & understanding of myself & others. Ultimately, you are responsible for any course of action you choose.
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28 Apr 2014 02:56 #43655 by Camib
Replied by Camib on topic Hi Everyone
Ok wow that was a lot I have been doing the 3 drops per hour all day and have never felt so sick, the nausea is all-consuming at this point so I dropped down to one drop following what I read and that made me nauseous also. So I guess tomorrow I will start 1 drop per hour and as soon as i can get off the mountain get some capsules. I have dmso for rubbing on the skin and it burns like crazy, is that what you guys are talking about? I am very open to whatever is suggested. I will also stop using the kangen water machine for now and just use distilled water. part of the reason i am fasting is because I feel so sick but maybe I can make a pot of grassfed beef bone stock and use that between doses. I don't drink anything but water so no vit C...I do have distilled water for taking the doses but was using the clean water in between but will stop using the machine at all or now. hopefully tomorrow I won't be so sick.. thanks for the reply. Pam sorry for the loss of your friend Megg I could see how much she depended on you and trusted you and how hard you tried to help her, its what gave me the courage to sign up here. And GJ thank you for your suggestions and Glenda thanks for saying I am not alone because in real life I feel very alone! Thanks everyone i thi nk i am better prepared now..

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