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25 Feb 2013 18:00 #31029 by Wakinup
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Hello folks,

I have found this device and it was finally cheap enough to buy (still expensive for me) . 90's they were 10-15,000$!
I ran across the last web-site on my list ............600$! RTM is the origional designer 35 years ago.I haven't let it out of my site sience.......don't need codeine or Humera! I can walk when I usually would be bed bound. I Scenar my abcessed lung and the pain from coughing goes away. I can breathe again after 6monthes of this infection!

Check it out, lots more info where this come from.

Here is some info on SCENAR: In principle the SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) device works as a catalyst on the body's immune system. The SCENAR reads the resistance level of the skin and relays this information to the brain via the skin itself. This accelerates the body's healing mechanism through stimulation of the neuropeptides in each damaged cell. In addition the SCENAR could be used to treat individuals whose bodies do not repair themselves properly as a result of chronic illness. A classic example of this is suffers of fibromyalgia where SCENAR may act as a regeneration and pain management tool.

The SCENAR can be used on most types of disease or injury: circulatory, sensory, respiratory, neurological, genito-urinary, musculoskeletal, gastro-intestinal, endocrine, immune and psychological disorders.

The body can get accustomed to a stable pathological state, which may have been caused by injury, disease or toxicity. The SCENAR initiates the healing process by stimulating the production of regulatory peptides for the body to use where necessary, thereby re-establishing the body's natural physiological state. Neuro and other regulatory peptides are produced by C-fibres, which comprise 85% of all nerves in the body. C-fibres react most readily to SCENAR electro-stimulation and the peptides produced last up to several hours, meaning the healing process will continue long after the treatment is over.

It is different form TENS which is at an impulse that is too high for the body, especially those of us who are sensitive. SCENAR is set to your body's own nervous system impulses. TENS caused my involuntary movements to "kick up" and overstimulated my nervous system, SCENAR did not have any adverse effect just calming ones.

It is extremely expensive to own so I will take my time in evaluating and saving, and saving, and saving....:scared:

I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with the SCENAR and if so, did it help???

More expensive store in Canada,US,New Zealand.

Place i got mine, great service and almost half!

Sience it is emitting a master command signal to your immuine systenI believe it guides the MMS2 to the commanded area, say directs more bullets to the target. I can't wait to use it when myMMS1 shows up.

Thank you all for listening to me ramble once again , but everything I post has taken me one step closer

Best regards,

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25 Feb 2013 19:07 - 25 Feb 2013 20:39 #31030 by pam
Replied by pam on topic Scenar me Baby!
The kalinka store URL does not work maybe it's temporarily moved or down. I can't get there, it's kicking in my malware and virus software.

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25 Feb 2013 19:50 #31035 by JB13
Replied by JB13 on topic Scenar me Baby!
Richard, is this the model you bought?

"Today there are 3 types of SCENAR household appliances:

Chens - Scenar 01
Chens - Scenar 02
Chens - Scenar basic model"

"Scenar home Chens-Scenar basic model RITMSCENAR HOME $490.00"

Do you need any accessories to use it?


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25 Feb 2013 22:28 #31041 by Wakinup
Replied by Wakinup on topic Scenar me Baby!
Hello Pam,

Mabe you automatically got a malware warning just because of the server is in Omsk Russia! Don't know how to verify it by computer, I'm not that savvy. I'm already in Asia and I use a apple. And I looked and she does not have a alternate web-site.mabe a guru can verify it for you.sorry Pam.

Add to jb13,

I actually upgraded from the bottom up one to the.......... RITMScenar Sport D Chens-Scenar 01 M LCD for home sport therapy.

To your question do you HaVe to use attachments? Well no. I use the tooth brush attachment because my teeth are being held in with glue......and the nerves.
If you wanted to be a pro it would be nice but even for wrinkles on your face the contact pad hits all I néed. I can remove the black bags under my eyes too.I upgraded to rhe sport digital because it has a easy to read screen,tells you when you have a good connection to the nervous system..Also,the selling point was it has 14hz , 60hz , 90hz , 340 hz. The starter model does not have the hi and lo frequency s which are for injury and wife sprained her ankle and it swelled badly.It started to Bruise just under the fibula(outside) After 2 20 min sessions the bruising had stopped growing and we could actualy see her fibula!

How to distinguish the real Scenar?
In recent years there are many conflicting and confusing information about the devices Scenar in the Internet.
We will try to help you understand this situation.
OKB RITM (Russia) is the inventor and world's only manufacturer of original Scenar equipment and accessories. Scenar devices are made in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the CE Mark. They became become available worldwide in 2006. In May 2010 the USA FDA approved the SCENAR Device for the indications of acute, chronic and post operative pain healing.
Now OKB RITM produces two types of devices - for Russian and foreign markets. In fact, it is one and the same instrument, which is marked with signs in Russian or in English.
These devices are also sold in two ways. The English version sold in Europe and America through a network of authorized distributors. For several reasons the price of these devices is much higher than the price of the Russian version.
Russian version are sold by independent vendors from Russia by the Internet. Today it is the easiest way to get the original device at an affordable price.

Scenar for Russian market

Scenar for foreign markets

By the help of site, you can buy the Russian version of Scenar:
The device is equipped with documents (passport and user`s instructions) in Russian and English.
Each unit has an individual number. It is applied to the label on the back of the unit. The same number is placed in the passport of the device and on the box.
In the Russian version of SCENAR the information about the CE mark is affixed on the front page of the passport and instruction.
The passport contains documents for warranty repairs and must be kept for the operating life of the device.
The manufacturer provides a free repair or replacement service within 24 months.
Repair of all Scenar devices take place in Russia. In the case of a defect you must contact the seller and return the device for repairing or replacement.
This warranty does not cover the cases when the device has a mechanical damage or if you made the attempts to repair it by yourself.
User Manual in English (50 pages) with illustrations contain sufficient information on how to apply the Scenar treatment of various diseases.
Instruments of Chance-Scenar Series are the devices for home care and they do not require additional training - it is very easy to use them.
Each of you can make a choice: if you buy an English version from a local distributor you get the training videos and you can get extra training.
Buying a Russian version - you get the original instrument, the English instructions, warranty service and save money.
Frightening information about the buyer's legal and not legal devices is no more than a promotional trick. All units are identical. They are made in one place and give exactly the same therapeutic effect.
Your task is to make a choice guided by common sense, logic, and your financial opportunities.
Our task is to give you accurate information, provide you with original devices and allow the maximum possible range of people to use the advantages of the Scenar therapy. We wish you good luck and health.
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