Question Liposomal LET Vitamin C

20 Jan 2013 05:09 - 20 Jan 2013 05:12 #29434 by damon
Liposomal LET Vitamin C was created by damon
Just looking for some in put and experience from people who have made and used this LET vitamin C and other liposomal vitamins

I am have been experimenting with it and had good results.....until I took to much now I have a rash on my neck....I have taken about 5 to 6 oz of LET Vit C today which equates to about 7 grams an oz. I know what my limit is I guess....just want to know how to easily get rid of the rash????

I am currently in process of making LET Vitamin C, B-50 complex, Glutumine, Glutahione, Amino Acid complex, nitric oxide and Vitamin E.........

To bad CDS can not be encapsulated into a liposomal cell or can it cause it can then be transported deep into the tissue and cellular walls of most all organs and tissue in the body...

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