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08 Dec 2012 07:27 #27903 by cain
Alternative Enema methods was created by cain
I have used this with great results, from DR. William Kelly Nutritional-Metabolic Therapy

Coffee Enemas
As at second aid in detoxification, Kelley advised all his patients to take at least one coffee enema daily. His reasoning was that coffee enemas clean out the liver and gallbladder and help the body get rid of the toxins produced during tumor breakdown. During a coffee enema, claimed Kelley, the caffeine that is rapidly absorbed in the large intestine flows quickly into the liver. He held that in high enough concentrations, caffeine causes the liver and gallbladder to contract vigorously, releasing large amounts of stored wastes into the intestinal tract and greatly aiding elimination. Kelley also believed that enemas are important in stimulating the immune system, since most waste products eliminated by detoxification are enzyme inhibitors. Frequent enemas prevent the suppression of protein-digesting enzymes. These enzymes can break down the cancer cells' fibrin (protein) coats, making the cancer cells more vulnerable to the immune system.

Nonorthodox doctors other than Kelley, among them Dr. Max Gerson, have recommended coffee enemas.

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01 Jan 2013 16:47 #28787 by maggie
Replied by maggie on topic Alternative Enema methods

I thought I'd read somewhere that Coffee enemas shouldn't be used whilst taking MMS but only ordinary water enemas. Can anyone throw any light on this.


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01 Jan 2013 22:40 - 01 Jan 2013 22:40 #28803 by pam
Replied by pam on topic Alternative Enema methods
Coffee is highly antioxidant - and there is a vein that goes from the rectum directly to the liver - so, if you want to do coffee enemas, I would recommend doing them 2 hours AFTER your last MMS dose for the day.

You can do MMS enemas, however.

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