Question Bio Electrocution - Zapper by Huda Clark...Experience seeking??

24 Nov 2012 20:46 - 24 Nov 2012 20:48 #27223 by damon
I have been intrigued by the Zapper idea that all bacteria and virus and parasites and pathogens respond to certain electrical impulse as a part of their own survival and if you can effectively over whelm or interrupt those circuits you can kill them, just like a car battery thrown into a small creek will kill fish but not phase a human if they were in the same creek, we are sensitive to it at different levels based on size and complexity of the organism. As I read how Huda Clark tested and supposedly discovered the different frequencies of different pathogens and retested and tested with consistent results in killing these pathogens in test trials and in her lab she develop the Zapper technology and application there of.

Has anyone had in experience or luck in using these as additional treatment against these things?? Not the MMS does not work it does but I would like to have other alternatives to fall back on as killing anything like diseases or infections is not always predictable. Plus there is no mixing or diet changes needed just sitting for 20 minutes once or twice a day.

Again this is alternative and exploitative in nature this topic as I know the benefits and power of mms/cds and mms2 when used properly!!

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27 Jun 2013 10:21 #34114 by bru79
this is a really important issue and im also looking for answers on this. It seems that nobody in the mms world has tried mixing with these electric machines.

contrary to mms which is straightforward, researching these zapping/pulsing/electrifying machines is so difficult. I cant find any concrete testimonials, and the search results are dominated by ppl selling the machines, most of the time cussing out other manufacturers and throwing in technical words which if you arent an electrical engineer its impossible to decipher.

Right now as i see it the blood electrifying devices like becks wouldnt be that useful in conjunction with mms as they do the same thing. I am pretty much convinced that mms can deal with pathogens in the bloodstream on its own.

the potential for synergy however is in the pulsing devices. These are designed to get pathogens out of those hard to reach places, like lymph nodes and nerves into the bloodstream where the mms can kill them.

Unfortunately i havent found anyone talking about using these modalities together :(

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16 Jul 2013 12:49 #34624 by d0ug
I have and used the zapper with sucess. I also looked into the Dr.Bob Beck protocol and used it all worked good. There is a new kid on the block of electrical gadgets call the Godzilla which is two wet sponges connected to a 6 volt battery and do not use any higher voltage that also has worked very well. I have built on some of the Beck equipment and the magnetic pulser works like magic to remove pain.
As we all know that electricity will kill everything if enough power is used so if you use a small amount it will only kill small things like virus and bacteria. If you put a magnetic pulse across a an electrical conductor it will produce electricity the blood is an electrical conductor when you put a magnetic pulse through it produces a micro current of electricity

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16 Jul 2013 20:27 - 16 Jul 2013 20:30 #34639 by pejeal44
Damon and others:

I have mixed both for awhile, I mentioned it here before and even Pam acknowledged at the time that she had never heard anything about the 2 things being incompatible.

I attend sessions with an "underground" doctor here in Miami that uses one of the zappers you mentioned. This one is really after the Rife machines (same principle used by Hulda Clark, it is just that Ray Rife was the pioneer of it, which landed him in trouble also). Anyhow, this device incorporates all the frequencies that Rife found destroy many parasites and pathogens, including the famous Bx virus that he said was common to all cancers. It is sophisticated and uses a computer to assign the different frequencies in sequence. Rife accepted the pleomorphic theory whereby these pathogens change form, and now they are a virus, sometimes later e. coli or other bacteria, all of a sudden a fungi, and so on, that's way they are so difficult to destroy. So this machine, computer based, zap you for 5 minutes for each pathogens, so one treatment goes on for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Jim Humble ascribes both to pleomorphism and the pathogen origin of cancer, at least being one of them.

A friend of mine, who recommended me, had 11 cancer tumors disappear using this machine plus a clinic in Mexico, so I can't really tell which did what. Other people has great decrease in cancer markers and he had cured many cancers in Mexico where he was before. One specifically, cured a whole lung that was covered with lung cancer after finding huge amount of e. coli in the patient that was zapped by this procedure.

Another thing, he has had spectacular results here with autistic children also.

As for me, I do not know, I was diagnosed with melanoma and this thing is deadly if left unchecked and can also spread like a wildfire, so I am not taking any chances.

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16 Jul 2013 22:07 #34643 by AmandaMary
This is something we are still testing, we need to work with higher numbers of people to be able to give accurate findings. My husband is an engineer and is fully looking into the very best types available, i have had some positive results with purple ray with cancer but it is still early days. Conclusions will be difficult as we use MMS protocols and herbal remedies in combination. When i have a full case study of 1000 people i will release my findings.

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17 Jul 2013 22:36 #34667 by tuckea64
YES!!!!! IT WORKS and if you really want to kill pathogens find a rife machine ....but make sure they know how to use it!!!!! it can make you sick if on too strong or wrong frequency ....Jim Humble talks about ROYAL RIFE in his book....He was persecuted because of his discovery...

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