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Question bleeding gums and slight tooth sensitivity

30 Jan 2013 22:53 #29900 by naomi
Is it common to have pain in your gums when you treat with mms (10 drops in 1/2c water) by brushing? Did it very frequently, but reduced to 3x/day because of pain.

If mms is only attacking the bacteria, then there should not be any gum pain, right?

Could the solution be too strong? Would it make the raw gums more raw?

How long should you leave it on the gums and then should you rinse your mouth with water or just leave it in there?

What is the best way to treat the gum infection when it's down to the bone and causing some bone loss and sensitivity to being tapped on the tooth.

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31 Jan 2013 01:38 #29907 by pam
Hi, Naomi. Are you using a soft toothbrush? Personally, I use the soft one. I also use 8 drops activated, but only in 2 oz of water -

Shouldn't be gum pain unless you are doing something to abrade the gums. I always rinse after brushing -

Jim Humble has an abscessed tooth protocol, and you can find it either in his video or on Michael's website:

(Michael references the video here, too)


Archbishop - Genesis II Church of Health and Healing - Washington State
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