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TOPIC: MMS and Overcoming Morgellons Disease

MMS and Overcoming Morgellons Disease 05 Nov 2010 03:14 #29

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MMS and Overcoming Morgellons Disease
by Bruce Tanner, Mh, Dh, Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

There is a lot of interest on many health & wellness forums across the internet as to whether MMS (28% Sodium Chlorite Solution - recently renamed the Master Mineral Solution by Jim Humble) can help to ease the suffering of Morgellons Disease. Morgellons is a chronic, painful, debilitating and potentially disfiguring condition that has dramatic and anomalous symptoms. Some surveys suggest that there may be as many as 200,000 to 300,000 Morgellons patients worldwide. Many people don’t know about it, or, often, find Morgellons incredible and accept explanations suggesting that alleged sufferers are delusional.

There is much speculation about the nature of the disease. One credible line of research suggests that the core of Morgellons is a type of fungus, possibly weaponized, that may have qualities of being able to absorb DNA from its environment or its host to enhance its survival. There are also many who report qualities of Morgellons that suggest there may be unknown or nano-technologies involved with it, including formations that suggest parts of it may have electrical functions. If this is true, and if it has properties of learning from adverse measures against it, there is reason to be skeptical about the potential of MMS.

“To explain and understand the biology of the Morgellons organisms, it is more accurate to say that they are a fungal-bacterial-like accumulation of single cells, which can basically produce both slime and tentacle-like ectospores. These fiber spores and their included DNA are extremely resistant to all known treatment and eradication measures, which is the main reason the course of Morgellons disease is so prolonged.”1

Many people afflicted by Morgellons observe that the fibers or other forms rising from the biofilm, a prominent feature of its skin lesions, move to protect themselves, or even leave the body if an effective remedy is used. Many also find that a major part of the disease is having extremely low energy and tendencies toward feelings of depression or despair.

The reports on the effectiveness of MMS with Morgellons are fairly diverse. Some may have had problems due to using an outmoded MMS protocol with this persistent condition, one that was recommended by Jim Humble in his first book. Since that time, more has been learned about the actions of chlorine dioxide in the body. It’s now known that a dose of activated MMS, no matter how large, has its chlorine dioxide molecules neutralized in the body in about an hour, maybe a little longer. Chlorine Dioxide is more effective against many pathogens if it’s maintained in the bloodstream for longer periods of time.

The current best practice recommended is to take 8 to 10 doses, one hour apart, each day for the course of use. These doses may be mixed up as a batch at the start of the day, and measured out or poured down to measuring lines marked on a screw-top container. To help with stomach upset, try to take your first dose in the morning one hour after eating something. For non-life threatening conditions, generally 8 doses a day are effective, working up to a dose of 3 activated drops of MMS per hour2. Your regimen needs to be subject to adjustment if it doesn’t seem to be working.

Properly, MMS is the MIXTURE of Sodium Chlorite solution and a weak food acid. Generally, people using MMS use a solution of Citric Acid for activation, and as Citric Acid can be mixed in high concentrations, a 50% solution is used, that is mixed 1 drop per each drop of Sodium Chlorite solution. Also, because of the strength of this activator, activation happens in 20 seconds instead of the 3 minutes required by lemon juice or vinegar.

When activated, then mixed with water or water and fruitjuice (NO orange juice or added vitamin C), the MMS will gradually release its Chlorine Dioxide in the digestive tract to be taken up by the red blood cells, which carry it particularly to any inflammation.

MMS is effective against Morgellons for several reasons. Among other things it neutralizes toxins in the blood, including mycotoxins which are a suspected part of Morgellons. This may be one reason that almost everyone who makes a serious effort with MMS reports a marked improvement with symptoms of depression or “brain fog.” Feeling better contributes to supporting an improved immune response.

MMS is also one of the most powerful known actors against biofilms, which micro-organisms, particularly colonies which Morgellons seems to resemble, use to protect themselves against the immune system. When the polysacharide gels encasing them break down, the cellular structures can be oxidized by the 5 electrons carried by each molecule of Chlorine Dioxide.

It’s also reported that many people with Morgellons also show evidence of Chlamydophila pneumoniae, a bacteria that invades cells to replicate. This is usually treated with antibiotics, but MMS is probably going to be very effective in killing the bacilli.

When doing a longer course of MMS, it’s important to support your health against possible oxidative stress. It’s recommended to drink 8 ounces of water after each dose of MMS to stay hydrated, and two hours AFTER the last dose of the day, take a good dose of vitamin C and any other nutrients you’re using in supporting your healing process.

MMS can also be used as a topical spray by mixing 10 activated drops per ounce of water in a spray bottle. This has been very effective with many Morgellons subjects. It’s particularly enhanced by spraying on top of the MMS with DMSO, which carries the Chlorine Dioxide deep into tissue. You can also bathe with MMS – 40 activated drops in a warm bath have been reported to cause Morgellons to leave the skin lesions.

It’s also important to use any other methods that work for you against this pervasive pathology. One thing fairly well reported on Morgellons forum threads is the boost given to bathing with Alfalfa Powder (perhaps 2 ounces in a bath) – see: curezone.biz/forums/am.asp?i=1140421 . There are also many reports of recovery being helped by the use of various silver products – however, it’s believed that silver remains active for a long time, and is known to neutralize Chlorine Dioxide. If you’re using silver, you might consider alternating weeks of MMS and silver use.

It’s much easier on the system to take more smaller doses of MMS than very large doses 2 or 3 times a day. Supporting your immune system in every way possible is always going to benefit and accelerate your healing.

1 Originally from www.morgellons-research.org/morgellons/morgellons-bio1.htmBiology – a site that’s currently under construction.
2 Important: ALWAYS start with a low dose, perhaps 1/2 drop per hour. Stop and back off if you have a detox reaction – headache, nausea or vomiting. Be cautious.

Bruce Tanner, Minister of Health, Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, does research into Deep Politics and the Structural Nature of the Ego. He is a long time student of Non-Dual, Direct Path Spirituality. He resides in Santa Cruz. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone 408-386-5982
See the Genesis II MMS Forum at: genesis2forum.org
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