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Question mms2 & eating

31 Jul 2017 19:10 #56119 by jtymon51
mms2 & eating was created by jtymon51
I just posted this question about mms2 and eating. For some reason half of it had a line through it. Please disregard the line through the question

I have been doing the mms2 protocol for prostate cancer for 1 week. I understand that I can eat pretty much whatever I want 2 hours before and 2 hours after I start and finish all my doses for the day. I haven't been able to get the answer to what foods I can or should not eat during and between taking my doses. I understand there is an issue with vitamin c and antioxidants. For example, I would love to eat a piece of watermelon or an apple which of course have both in them. I don't want to eat something that would keep the mms2 from being effective. I want to do this right and get rid of this cancer without radiation or having them [Dr.] cut it out. I have submitted this question elsewhere with no luck. Sure hope you can help. Thanks for your time and experience. Jim

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