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MMS2: Calcium Hypochlorite, Turns into Hypochlorous acid in water
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TOPIC: MMS2 solution strength equivalents for MMS1 external treatment protocols.

MMS2 solution strength equivalents for MMS1 external treatment protocols. 29 Dec 2014 16:36 #48668

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How does one measure MMS2 water solution strength? (calcium hypochlorite and water)
Has anyone found an easy way to test the strength of any particular MMS2 water solution? Are there test strips available that can be used efficiently?

MMS2 water solution (hypochlorous acid) strength can be measured in grams (or miligrams) of calcium hypochlorite per fluid ounce of water. Or possibly a PH measuring strip might be useful, that is, measuring the PH of the hypochlorous acid solution.

Herein is a possible exceptional advantage of MMS2 usage. Grams calcium hypochlorite per fluid ounce water is easy to measure out. It is easy to be precise and easy to mix.

Has anyone calculated the equivalent MMS2/water solution strength that corresponds to 1,2,3,4... etc drops of activated MMS1 for use of calcium-hypochlorite/water solutions for external usage protocols?

Is there information on the storage of various strengths of MMS2 water solutions? How long do they keep their potency? How should they be stored?

I am studying to become a Genesis II minister of health. Simple is always best. A great advantage of MMS2 is in the simple mixing of water and calcium hypochlorite. I want to keep it simple/simple/simple for people I talk to.

MMS2 may be very useful for external usage protocols. That is as a calcium hypochlorite and water solution. It can't get much easier or simpler than this to measure out and mix accurately.

Can anyone refer me to others in the Genesis II church on the same train of thought and logic. I would greatly appreciate a referral to discuss this idea and pursue it further.

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