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Question Citrus

30 Nov 2014 20:19 #48308 by Chris4CD
Citrus was created by Chris4CD
Is it a no no to have citrus while taking calcium hypochlorite? Also if someone can explain why when I take a capsule first thing in the morning does it cause me to salivate a lot once it hits my stomach...

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07 Dec 2014 15:02 - 07 Dec 2014 15:08 #48348 by Health Friend
Replied by Health Friend on topic Citrus
This is not an 'expert' opinion; just my thoughts. Salivating is the body's reaction when the appetite is stimulated; my only idea on this matter - is that when your stomach acid is 'activated' --- it sets off the salivary response. Just a thought. By the way; if the citrus - contains Vitamin C - -- Vitamin C stops the action of MMS1 (and, I believe for MMS2 also) -- and, I believe it is to be taken --- hours apart from the MMS2. Most citrus fruit - contains Vitamin C. Yes, I just got it confirmed by a reasonably good source - that citrus fruit is a source of Vitamin C. Some people believe that vitamin c and the MMS products should not be taken within the same protocol session (something about oxidants and anti-oxidants; I don't understand this premise - fully).

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