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MMS: sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%
MMS1 or Activated MMS: chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
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TOPIC: MMS and ulcers

MMS and ulcers 23 Dec 2011 20:31 #9506

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I finally convinced my mother to start MMS for her returning pneumonias, and chronic constipation. But she didn't tell me she also had a ulcer in the stomach and stopped after one - two days because of pain..

Is there a solution to this?

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Re: MMS and ulcers 24 Dec 2011 00:20 #9509

I would not use MMS1 for stomach ulcers as the citric acid will burn the open tissuse and cause pain. Heal that ulcer first then return to MMS

MMS2 may be a better option but I have no reports on this. The new method of drawing off chlorine dioxide and leaving the citric acid behind might be an option. Still I would use some prevacid for a little while

I stronly recommend that when an ulcer is active that prevacid be taken.. Even just the acid from the stomach can aggravate the ulcer and make it worse. When the ulcer is healed sufficiently the prevacid should be stopped,

Many stomach ulcers are caused by a low acid condtion in the stomach. Stomach acid is your first line of defence against invasive pathogens. So anyone who has had an ulcer might need to consider the need to take a Hydrochloric acid and pepsin supplement to keep their stomach acid levels high... Of course make sure your ulcer is well healed first.

For stomach ulcers I like to use ozonated water, 3 to 4 cups a day along with prevacid. As soon as the stomach pain is gone consider leaving the prevacid behind, usually in about 1 week.

2 ounces of cabbage juice 3 to 4 times a day can also cure an ulcer.. again I would use prevacid also for a little while.
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Re: MMS and ulcers 24 Dec 2011 00:37 #9510

Or, (or maybe in addition to the above) as Arrow says, go to CDS - since it has no acid in it, it should be easier on her stomach. I had a similar question about MMS2, because I have no stomach, to speak of. But someone did mention that they had healed of an esophageal ulcer while taking MMS2 - so should I ever need to go to MMS2, I won't be so concerned.
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Re: MMS and ulcers 25 Dec 2011 11:30 #9543

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Thanks to both of you, and Merry Christmas :)

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Re: MMS and ulcers 27 Dec 2011 13:10 #9603

This is all just my opinion and I am not a medical doctor. I've just dealt with, experimented with (on myself), and made a study of, dehydration.

Sounds like she is chronically dehydrated. I suspect that many stomach problems with MMS are due to dehydration - sometimes from the diarrhea created by the illness and sometimes from the chronic state of dehydration that most people keep their bodies in - and not taking enough water with a dose.

There is a re-hydrating solution you can make - with instructions - at rehydrate.org. The site is geared more toward global problems with diarrhea but diarrhea is treated as a cause of dehydration, whereas constipation - and quite possibly the pneumonia - would be considered a symptom.

TAKE IT SLOW. Don't have a dehydrated person try to re-hydrate, all at once.

I'd skip the MMS until she's re-hydrated as dehydration increases the acidity of the blood and acid seemss to be an MMS target.

If she is chronically dehydrated, then the body is having to deal with, not only the rationing of water, but also low blood volume and as it steals water from other parts of the body (namely, the colon) to keep the lungs (the most vital organ, in emergency-dehydrated mode) hydrated to deal with contaminants, the low blood volume can't keep up. And to top it off, all of the body's work, including all of this extra work, is faciliated by - you guessed it - water. So it is not only having to make water to use but it is also having to make water to make water.

Avoid caffeine. It is believed that 8 ounces of caffeinated beverage requires 12 ounces of water to deal with. But I don't think the body deals with it properly when it is in water rationing mode. It doesn't appear to be very high on its list of priorities, in that state. God only knows where un-dealt-with caffeine goes or what it does.

Water is the most vital element, physiologically. It's what makes blood bloody, it's what keeps your internal organs in their state of being organs - as opposed to dog treats - and it's what carries all of the information the body needs to keep you alive. Just keeping you upright and conscious is a heavy duty job when you are dehydrated.

You know that little dizzy feeling one gets upon standing? That's accompanied by an increase in blood pressure and heart rate as your body tries to pump enough of that low blood volume to your head so that you don't pass out, fall down and get eaten by a lion. It's a basic circulatory function of a mammalian body that walks with its head so far above its heart and that is in emergency water rationing mode i.e. dehydrated.

Anyway, re-hydrating would also take care of the ulcer, but if it didn't do it quick enough to suit, and she were well on her way to being re-hydrated, I would use a very low dose with plenty plain cold water to keep as much distance as possible between the CLO2 and its targets. The cold water will allow a small amount to release in the stomach and clean up the ulcer but keep more in solution to take to the bloodstream as the water (on an empty stomach) is warmed and assimilated by the body. Who knows what it is doing with CLO2 in solution when it is busy trying to make its own water! If it is ignoring it and letting it roam around as it pleases, as it appears to do with caffeine...who knows?

Again, TAKE IT SLOW! Don't try to re-hydrate all at once, it can't be done. The body is in "emergency" mode and probably has been, for quite some time. She may already be sleeping sitting up or in an inclined position but, if not, do that, as well. Have her avoid lying flat, as on a flat bed. You can raise the head end of the bed about 6 inches. Sleeping on an incline is actually good for you. It increases the amount of time the body is in a state of actively circulating its fluids. Lying flat, slows it all way down and adds another condition the body must deal with. It is a little known fact that hospitals will, in rare cases, lie severely ill or wounded patients flat to help facilitate death.

Anyway, the body assimilates water on an empty stomach completely differently than food. It uses it, right away, in the systems it has been sending rationed water to, then sends it to the systems it has been stealing from and then, after all of that, it uses it to make repairs. It can take quite a while in a case of chronic dehydration but she'll feel much better during the process.

You can't rush a dehydrated body by flooding it with water. It is WAY too busy in its emergency rationing state to deal the shock of a deluge. Gradually increase her intake of water on an empty stomach - and that's water, not "fluids". She can also take juice to help "water" the digestive system, but not with the water.

Juice and other fluids are assimilated as food, in the digestive tract and distilling it down to get water that the body wasn't getting otherwise will stop if she is re-hydrating, so that more is available for the colon. Stealing water from the colon is a completely different and laborious process (that ALSO requires water to facilitate) than assimilating water on an empty stomach. I'm not a big juice drinker but I like grape juice so I use Welch's 100% grape juice. The point being that if the body is getting water, on an empty stomach (easily assimilated), then it won't have to make its own by over-distilling (diSTEALING) the fluids that actually belong to the colon and re-hydration won't take as long.

Your body can handle just about anything this planet can throw at it, IF it is properly hydrated. Properly hydrated, it could even, theoretically, handle "bad" water if one didn't stop drinking it because it was "bad", thereby becoming dehydrated.

The body is a magnificent mechanism, left to its own devices. The next time your poky old brain assumes you're hungry, try drinking a glass of water down and see what happens. I have a theory that over-eating AND some of the emotional issues associated with it are actually symptoms of dehydration and that some "hungry feelings" are actually over-thought. Acidic blood in the brain? That's gotta be causing some misfiring, or over-firing or otherwise wacky sparks, neurologically-speaking, in my opinion. don't ya reckon?
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MMS and ulcers 26 Mar 2018 03:05 #58063

I took MMS for Tinnitus, which it helped , and acute bronchitis, which would not go away for months. It helped my tinnitus and bronchitis, but it caused my stomach to ache most of the time. My stomach hurt the same day I started taking MMS, but I could tell my bronchitis was getting better , especially when I inhaled it and my tinnitus is barely there, which is a true miracle, because the doctors say there is no cure for tinnitus. I just want to say that taking MMS for some people on a daily basis might be too much for their stomach and intestines. I ended up taking 1 drop every 2 hours at first. It still hurt my stomach area. I do believe that MMS can help a lot of people, but maybe you could consider only having some people on 1 drop every 2 hours and as soon as what they are taking it for is better, have them get off it. It might be too strong for some people to take all the time. For some people taking it everyday could damage the stomach. Trust me, I'm not down on MMS, I just think that not everyone is the same and usually acute pain does not mean you are getting better. Pain is the creator's way of usually telling you something is hurting your body.

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MMS and ulcers 26 Mar 2018 05:19 #58071

Share, would you share with us which MMS activator you used to activate MMS? Citric acid (50%) or HCL (4%)? Thanks.
2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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MMS and ulcers 26 Mar 2018 05:45 #58073


Definitely if one is having acute pain--you should change something you are doing. If you follow the Three Golden Rules of MMS as outlined in Jim Humble's latest book, the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, hopefully these problems can be avoided. The Three Golden Rules of MMS, essentially helps one adjust the protocols to their own personal needs. You might have to only take 1/4th of a drop of MMS an hour for example. Strong pain is not a good indication, but the culprit may not necessarily be MMS as such, but an indication that something is wrong in the stomach that needs to be handled, such a fungus or some type of other bacteria, that needs to be gotten rid of--but again, you may have to go much slower and lower with the MMS in this case to handle that particular problem.

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