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Question Proposal: Volunteer MMS Apologetics Force

09 May 2017 15:58 #55597 by Heero Yuy Parallax
Proposal: Volunteer MMS Apologetics Force was created by Heero Yuy Parallax
This is a simple proposal for a Volunteer MMS Apologetics force. A group of active individuals who volunteer their time to answer peoples questions about MMS in the field online and in person and to answer skeptics objections to MMS in the field online and in person.

This group would have the following rules:

1. No one would be compensated for their time. This would make Volunteers paid shills, and no different from some of the skeptics who oppose any use of MMS. It would also undercut the confidence of the people whose questions they were answering. All compensation would come from God or the Laws this universe operates on (the Law of Abundance).

2. All members would be courteous with their opponents and as thorough as possible when answering questions they came across. This prevents people becoming Apologists in an attempt to dominate others or become arrogant. It also increases the effectiveness of Apologists. Discourteousness would only be allowed after ever other attempt at politeness had been exhausted.

4. Non violence is to be followed when talking to skeptics or people with questions "It is better to have wrong done to you than to do wrong." -The Apostle Paul

Premises and Principles:

3. All members should receive some sort of training in MMS theory and practice. They would not necessarily have to be Ministers, but should have some knowledge. Perhaps a training course specifically for this purpose should be created as an adjunt to being a minister or a separate course should be created.

4. Coordination between members should ocvur, with Affinity, Reality, and Communication, and knowledge, Responsobility and compassion should also be established and a high as possible.

A dressing Objections to this proposal:

1. "MMS Ministers already recieve training in defending MMS. This training is sufficient."

===> MMS ministers are of the profession of treating people who are experiencing disease states and are also in the profession of their own lives. This is different from answering questions from New Commers or Answering Questions and Objections from those with objections. No many of the ministers, in my experience, are actually answering questions from new commers on sites other than this one or talking to skeptics generaly on other forums.

In my experience, many beings who believe in MMS do not have wider training necessary on the problems of the peer review process or on the suppression of alternatice Medicine which has taken place over the past 100 years and further back.

The Genesis 2 Radio Program is helpful in this regard, but I have doubt's that most people make a habit of listening to a sometimes 2 hour radio program, and then following up on the references mentioned (some of which. such as Chemists disagreeing in the action of MMS) some of which are indirect.

2. "The Genesis 2 Church Is a Church of Healing, not a Debate society for Skeptics. If New Commers are truly interested, they can speak with a Minister or Archbishop or they can come here."

===> Having a good Defense can mean the difference between someone choosing to use MMS or not, between regaining their health or continuing in an all to often fruitless struggle. People on YouTube or other forums may not know about the existence of this forum, may be to shy or confused to sign up, or may even be dissuaded from doing so by skeptics. It is much easier, for instance, to create a Google Plus account and Comment on YouTube, for some people, than to come here. It is also much more widely known. They may not know about the existence of Ministers or Archbishops who can help. In my experience, ministers and Archbishops are already generally overworked, sometimes to the breaking point. While I admit this strategy might result in more enquirers to Ministers and Arch Bishops, some of these inquires might come from people who themselves wish to become ministers. This could reduce burden on ministers substantially.

Final thoughts:

I do not feel that I am well enough or qualified to head such a group if one is indeed created. I can educate, organize and participate. If I had someone to serve as co head, it might work.


I cannot imagine that many people reading this like Barack Obama. But he said something very similar to what another individual I respect, L. Ron Hubbard (LRH), also said, that "Wars are not won with bullets. Wars are won with ideas." As LRH stated, It is Ideas and not bullets that mark the forward progress of humanity(an I would add, other beings as well). The Quantum Leap Documentary quotes the following from Margaret Mead, "Never Doubt that a small group of Thoughtful Committed Citizens can Change the World. Indeed, it is The only thing that ever has."* Ayn Rand added of these individuals, through the words of Howard Rowark, in his speech in "The Fountainhead," "They Fought, they suffered, and they won." This can be a method for reaching out to voices that might otherwise never be heard. It is a method for increasing communication with and between people who disagree with us.

It is a method and idea I hope you will consider.

Samuel Justis (Heero Yuy Parallax)


*Quote also found on Brainy Quote, from which it was repeated to check for accuracy and because name of Quotant was not remembered.

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07 Aug 2017 09:41 #56152 by schex86
Replied by schex86 on topic Proposal: Volunteer MMS Apologetics Force
I'd be interested in this. One technique for such a group might be to discuss each point of anti-mms propaganda in detail with the objective of finding viable counters to the most pervasive tropes out there. For instance, the question of bleach. It is a blatant piece of propaganda but highly effective, as most people are conditioned to think Clorox. I've had to educate people pretty much everytime I've had this discussion on what bleach is and what kind of bleaches there are.

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