× MMS: sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%
MMS1 or Activated MMS: chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

Question MMS 2 info

24 Jan 2011 08:50 #292 by Dallas Young
MMS 2 info was created by Dallas Young
As a curious newb I am having a hard time finding info on MMS 2 specifically. I have both parts of Jim Humble's e-book but there seemed to only be a little blurb in there.

Would anyone care to share their links to articles or write-ups or testimonies about MMS 2?

Thanks in advance! :)

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24 Jan 2011 20:29 #296 by brtanner
Replied by brtanner on topic MMS 2 info
Hi Dallas,

There is info on MMS2/calcium hypochlorite in various places on this forum, you can do a search using the search tab that should turn that stuff up. In a nutshell, when calcium hypochlorite makes a solution with water it turns into hypochlorous acid, which is absorbed through your digestive tract and taken up by the white blood cells, which use it to digest the pathogens and particles they absorb out of blood and other tissues.

The skinny version of the main mode of using MMS2 taken orally in the Genesis II Church Protocol 2000 can be found here:


toward the bottom of the page. MMS2 is also showing remarkable results when applied as a solution on your skin, with or without the use of DMSO. If you have more questions, please ask.

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24 Jan 2011 23:49 #298 by Dallas Young
Replied by Dallas Young on topic MMS 2 info
Thanks - that helped.

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29 Jan 2011 22:47 - 29 Jan 2011 22:47 #326 by cynthia
Replied by cynthia on topic MMS 2 info
:cheer: This link has info for the use of MMS2:


MMS2 IS A NATURAL BODY ACID. The human body produces its own hypochlorous acid to target and kill bacteria, germs, and pathogens of many types. In doing so, normal living cells are not harmed.

However, the complex ingredients needed to generate the acid are not always available. Being in short supply, there is often not enough hypochlorous acid to destroy most of the life-threatening diseases that attack the human body plus the poisons and other normal things that the body needs the acid for.

THE BASIS FOR USING MMS2: MMS2 capsules provide a surplus-reserve of hypochlorous acid enabling the immune system to apply it wherever it is needed. Within the suggested dosage limits, any excess not used by the immune system will simply be discarded with no harm to the body. MMS2 is a purifying agent, used in water purification systems, in swimming pools, and even in the body. It eliminates pathogens without harm to other living systems.

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