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Question Lung congestion, asthma

11 Mar 2011 03:12 #1369 by Michael Harrah
Lung congestion, asthma was created by Michael Harrah
Starting a topic on this with info collected elsewhere.
Bruce said: Yes, I'm finding that MMS2/Calium Hypochlorite is an incredible tool for reducing lung congestion - possibly something that will have a profound impact on pneumonias, tuberculosis, etc.

Michael said: If nebulizing MMS1, be careful, made my asthma worse when I did it. There is no doubt the MMS would have been killing off pathogens in the warm, moist lung environment, and the increased difficulty in breathing may have been the result of a healing reaction taking place. However, I was already struggling too much for breath, so could not afford to make breathing more difficult at that point. The increased difficulty in breathing came up slowly and lasted for quite a while after the nebulizing. If you do it, just be careful.

It is also possible to inhale the chlorine dioxide arising off the activated MMS1 as Jim describes. He says to use only a 3 drop dose maximum and put your nose above the cup holding the activated mix. This has got to be an excellent way to disinfect the lungs, but it does cause me to cough and sometimes get asthma, so again use caution till you know what will happen in your particular case.

Anyone with additional experiences, please report them, thanks.

Archbishop Michael Harrah
Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing
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