× MMS: sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%
MMS1 or Activated MMS: chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

Question MMS Household Uses

12 Dec 2010 22:38 #112 by Lori
MMS Household Uses was created by Lori
I love finding out about all the ways MMS can help us, and recently I've been using it to get rid of mold and wood rot in our house. Our sink had been leaking without our knowing it and the cabinet under the sink had a certain kind of black mildew on its floor. I put 5 drops of activated MMS in a saucer -- no water -- to get the gas going, shut the cabinet up, and left it overnight. The mildew smell is all gone and it hasn't come back, and the wood feels and smells quite clean (though the stain is still there in a diminished way.)

The wood backsplash area of our sink had developed a crack between the wood and its setting and the wood had begun to rot away. Water from the sink would get in there and drip down the wall into the cabinet underneath. After scraping as much of the rot out as I could, I sprayed it inside the crack with a solution of activated MMS in water. Then I thought, why not try the gas again? This time I shut up the crack with duct tape so the gas couldn't get out, activated 10 drops of MMS, propped it up high in the undersink cabinet right next to where the water likes to drip down, and shut it up again. I thought the gas might creep up into the crack and kill the fungus that causes the rot. That much MMS generates enough gas to clear a whole room of mold, so it must have done something!

The third sink problem is a crack in the board along the front of the sink where rot has attacked. This time I couldn't gas it from underneath, so instead I made up an MMS dose without water, dripped it into the whole length of the crack with an eye dropper, and quickly sealed it over with duct tape.

Now that I've addressed the rot, I feel confident that the wood won't be rotting away inside the new caulk.

MMS can help us make our homes a lot healthier by getting rid of the source of mold spores that we'd be breathing in otherwise. The gas is especially is potent for this -- but we have to seal it into a confined space and try not to breathe it very much. Somehow, using it around the house also gives me a lot more confidence it handling it as medicine. I'm getting to know it so well!
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