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Question Transcript: Truths That Can Make Us Free video from Jim Humble

03 Nov 2011 01:06 - 03 May 2014 07:40 #8090 by brtanner
This is a transcript of Jim's Oct. 28 video release. I took some very minor liberties for the sake of clarity. --Bruce
Video available HERE

Truths That Can Make Us Free

According to some of the people, this day, October 28, 2011 should be the end of the world, and according to others this should be the beginning of a great new world. We hope it's the beginning of a great new world, but who knows? For those who don't know, according to some experts, one of whom is Carl Calleman, today is the final end of the Mayan calendar, and no one knows what will really happen today.

Others mark other dates as the Mayan calendar ending, but this date is as prominent as any of the others. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing made an important discovery a few weeks ago, and we held off telling the world in the interests of good showmanship. We wanted to have something important to say on today, the last day of the Mayan calendar. We thought it might help some people to sit up and listen. This might be the most important discovery of all time.

I know that sounds like bragging, but who says we can't make such a discovery. They said there would never be a mineral or a medicine that would heal 95% of the diseases of mankind. But hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved so far. And our Church also has the answer to healing the diseases of an additional 4% of mankind. This makes 99% of the diseases of mankind conquered, and the beginning of a world without disease.

In the interest of truth and understanding, before I go on, I should mention that although I discovered MMS in the jungle while prospecting for gold, I was not the first to discover it, as it has been used to purify human blood and treat a number of diseases continuing over a period of over 17 years before I made my discovery in 1997. This is not what we are talking about this time. We have a new discovery. Also I should mention that our church is not a religious church. At first we didn't think of this new discovery is all that important, but as one thinks about it, it begins to reveal itself as being more and more important than was first thought.

So let me tell you about how this new discovery was made, and of course, why I think it is so important. In the back of my mind I had considered a church for several years, and when several governments began to attack MMS, I began to realize that if I didn't do something very soon the people of the world wouldn't get MMS after all, the government would stop it. I began to read up on the laws regarding churches and made a discovery. There is a second very large group of laws that are active in our courts that I bet you've never heard of. The set of laws is called Common Laws, and our courts must use and respect these laws. We were never told of these laws and in fact you might consider that this information was withheld from us.

The fact is that these laws have come down to us from antiquity. They were in place before our Congress or legislatures even began to make laws. These common laws cannot be undone or changed by the state legislatures. or even by Congress, because they are simply the way things are. For example, one law says that you cannot borrow your neighbor's car without asking him. Congress cannot change that law, and if they did the Supreme Court would strike it down.

So I based the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing on these common laws that can not be changed. Again the common laws are not our recent discovery either, that was earlier. The new discovery has to do with “the truth shall set you free.” That saying is probably the most famous of all sayings and all ideas along these lines it has been repeated in religious books, spiritual books, psychological books, political books, and other books of all kinds. It is also the probably the most agreed upon and revered idea that has ever been considered, at least for the last 2000 years that we know about. I am sure that you have never heard anyone say that “No, I don't believe that the truth can set you free.”

We know that the saying has been said for a least the past 2000 years, yet down through all that time no one has really come upon the truth that can set you free. Of course all the religions believe that if we will just believe as they do you can be set free, but they have all been out killing one another and we don't see much freedom in the religions. The Christians and Muslims are still at it at this time, and so the fact remains that no one has put forward a truth that can set you free. That we don't have such a truth is self-evident. We are not free, we are not becoming free, and no one is even suggesting a truth that will make us free. Except for now, and that is a discovery that I'm here to tell you about today.

We believe we have discovered a practical truth that can set mankind free. This may not be the only truth that can set mankind free, but it is one truth that can do it. And now it is a chance that mankind has, and it may be that mankind may not have another. We, of course, can't say. Could it be that the Mayans believed that mankind would discover this truth as their calendar ended? Well, maybe not, but they believed that something would happen at this time, I know. I know many of the spiritual people around the world believe that mankind is going to be saved by higher spiritual beings, or enlightened beings, or space people, or God, or someone coming from somewhere, but let's be practical.

These beings would more than likely want mankind to be responsible for himself. They would most likely consider that if mankind didn't take responsibility for getting himself to the next higher level without assistance, he wouldn't be able to maintain a higher level even if it were given to him. So chances are very high that we're going to have to take responsibility for saving ourselves. In other words, mankind is going to have to save mankind. So I want to tell you a truth that can give mankind a practical freedom that he has never had before, except maybe the one time that the USA had freedom for a little over 125 years. That was the only place on earth that free men have ever existed, and they built the greatest country the world has ever known.

But then income tax arrived, and the Federal Reserve arrived too, and other man-made laws arrived, and free men slapped their freedom away. They were free for that short period in history, and in only one country. Unfortunately they never knew what really made them free, and thus it was lost. But now we can know what made them free, and thus what can make us free. So let me explain a practical truth that can lead to a practical freedom for mankind.

This truth has always been there, and has always existed all down through the ages, but mankind has been too blind to see. It's not a religious truth, it is a practical truth of nature and the universe. It happens to be that there are natural laws of nature that exist and have always existed in this universe. These natural laws are what makes a tree grow and what has made the earth circle the sun for the last thousands of years. The natural laws of nature are what have allowed mankind to exist on this planet, and probably on other planets as well.

It does not matter one iota whether man came from evolution or from God, the fact is that natural laws are even operation and exist throughout the human body. One does not cry, or laugh, or eat a meal without natural laws being in operation and allowing or causing the body functions. There is a body of natural laws that I want to tell you about, that man began to discover centuries ago, but mankind did not understand how these laws could set mankind free.

At first. these laws were not written, but they began to be used by the courts of England during the 11th and 12th centuries. They were then, and are still, natural laws. They were put into spoken words at first in courts as precedents, and finally written towards the end of the 12th century as Magna Carta, probably the most famous document of all time. The natural laws, when put into words, were called Common Laws, and they existed in the courts as precedents before they were written. Once they were spoken they were called Common Laws.

This body of natural laws were natural laws that exist between people, that determine how people should treat one another and how people should act in their lives when two or more people are gathered together, or live so that they contact one another. These natural laws exist. One cannot get around them - Tribes of Indians and highly developed civilizations develop ways of acting toward one another, and these ways were often written, always based on the natural laws. The natural laws were seldom stated in words, and thus many people never spoke them, yet they always knew them to some extent, small or large.

Because they seldom knew that they were working with laws, they often got the basics wrong. But occasionally groups here and there got more than 50% of the natural laws of people right, and great civilizations developed for a period of time. You can trace the demise of any ancient civilization from the time they began to ignore these natural laws that exist between people.

At this time it is easy to state the underlying principle to all natural laws. Or more accurately, for us the underlying principle of the common law it is simple - Always do what is right. And a derivative of that is: Always treat people right. Guess what, this is the amazing thing concerning common law. Courts of America and most English-speaking countries are still controlled by the common law, and you can always demand to use common law or be tried by common law if you know how to make the demand.

One of the main premises of common law is that you can do anything you want as long as you're not hurting someone or not interfering with someone's rights. We are not educated and told about the common law because the government would not have the control they want to have over us. They would like to remove the common law from the courts altogether, but they haven't found a way to do it. They need the courts to enforce laws against us. If they try to just enforce the laws without the courts, people would not allow it, but you see the courts based their authority on past precedents which mostly are the Common Law. If the court tried to say the common laws are not active in that court, then higher courts would disallow their findings.

The court must base its decisions on precedents, or existing laws that apply to the person in question. I cannot give you a complete course in Common law at this time, but trust me for now, and we will have such court says in the future. For now, keep in mind that natural law that exists is a truth. If natural law was not the truth a tree wouldn’t grow, and the sun would not shine, and our planet would not spin around the sun.

The natural law that exists between people basically stated is: Always treat people right, and that if that natural law didn’t exist, families couldn't get along, civilizations could not exist, and groups of people would never function. All natural laws are true, or this universe would not function and, of course, that includes the natural law between people. In fact, a truth that can set you free, the natural law, now given to us as the Common Law, can set us free. It has been there all along, but no one realized that it could be used.

Once the truth, this Common Law, got into the courts in the 11th and 12th centuries, it grew just like a tree because it is the truth. The slave masters of mankind have not been able to cut it down. It remains a part of our law system, and all efforts to circumvent it have failed. The only thing that the slave masters have been able to do is keep us in ignorance of the law.

Remember the same thing happened with the Bible for hundreds of years. Authorities kept the common people in ignorance of the Bible, while all the time using it to rule them. Did you know that the subject called Civics was taught in our schools years ago, but long since has been removed from the curriculum. Basically, Civics was a subject that taught school kids their rights, or our rights as people of the U.S. Our schools taught people how to be free two hundred years ago, but not now . Still, people can learn, and many are waking up after a thousand years of slumber.

You may not have heard, but hundreds in the U.S. and in England have used the courts and Common Law to set themselves free. In the beginning, many made mistakes, but now many are getting it right. There are people in the U.S. who are driving cars with license plates made up by the owner of the car, and they do not pay income taxes. The police in a number of states no longer bother with these people, as it costs the state to try and prosecute these people as the states loose in the courts.

Know the government does not need your taxes to run the country. The government has convinced the people that we must be slaves in order to be free, or in order to be safe. The American people pay over 40% in income taxes, but they also pay taxes on their homes there cars their electricity there telephones their water and basically everything. The total is over 80% the government determines what the children can be taught, and they can come and arrest any citizen at any time, and keep you in jail for any amount of time they want. The government confiscates over $6 billion every year in private property, bank accounts, cars, and businesses, auctions them off and puts the money in the coffers of the government. There's never been a group of slaves that were more slaves than the U.S. people. And guess what, they don't even know it. Because most would rather be slaves than think.

But I say again, many are beginning to wake up worldwide. But you see the common law still exists in the courts, and that law says that the government cannot do these things. If we are willing to be free we can learn the necessary (data?) to use the courts to become free. The people of the US and other English-speaking countries must take responsibility to become free. The truth to become free is here and finally it is known. We must become responsible for our own freedom. We can create common law schools, and tell our neighbors, and work to become free. It doesn't require shooting anyone. It only requires claiming our rights. We can do it. And this is the beginning of the third millennium, where it is predicted that mankind will go to a higher level.

If we use the truth of the common law we will do that, and we have the greatest civilization that the world has ever seen and most likely the galaxy has ever seen. There is one basic point to you should know about it at this time - About 100 years ago most of the governments of the earth changed over to private corporations. The USA is actually a private corporation, of 10 miles square area, in Washington, D.C. They control America with millions of contracts. When you were born, you were given a birth certificate that says you're a citizen of the USA, but you didn't sign anything, and you can refute that contract that makes you a citizen if you wish. This is the important point.

And a corporation can only make laws and rules that are effective against the members of their corporation. If you refute your contract none of the US laws apply to you, and that is your citizenship. Then you can accept the responsibility of being free and of being a sovereign. But the common law always applies, and that requires much responsibility, as you must always do what's right. Always remember, with freedom comes responsibility.

Maybe it seems this information isn’t important to you, and that I am just kidding myself concerning the importance of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Maybe you think there is something more important than man working to create his own freedom. Think about it for several days, and then write me if you think I'm right. If you think I'm wrong and this information is just a lot of wind, and you have a good logical argument, then I would like to hear it, or read it. But don't be like the critics, and try to fool me by a lot of lies. I'm not fooled by the lies of the critics, and many others are also not fooled.

Meanwhile consider that the Genesis II Church of continues to heal all diseases for free, while asking for donations. If I am wrong about mankind claiming his freedom by becoming more responsible for himself, then I am wrong, but I am not wrong about healing the diseases of mankind as more than 5 million people have used MMS. The truth of the mineral of MMS is given in the chemistry of MMS, and it truly does set mankind free from diseases. I am not wrong about MMS, as there are hundreds of thousands of lives already saved. The truth of the chemistry of MMS is that it can set mankind free of disease. It is now happening, and trust me, I am not wrong about mankind claiming his freedom. All we have to do is to become a little bit more responsible ourselves, and teach our children to also stand up and be responsible.

And we can claim our freedom without a shot. We don't have to fight against anyone. We fight by becoming educated as to the common law of our courts. To see how practical this is, we simply become educated in common law and also teach our children. We don't need to rebel. This is not a rebellion. This is simply be using the laws that exist to keep us free.

Neither the government or anyone else will want to keep us from following the laws that exist. That would be ridiculous, to say that we must not use the laws. Of course, they may try to keep us in ignorance of the laws, but they would ridiculous to try to keep us from following the law. And that is, all English-speaking countries can become examples to the rest of the world, and eventually earth can become free as nothing not even money has been able to go against freedom once mankind sees his way clear to becoming free. Nothing will stop us. Thank you for your interest and your time. I hope to hear from you.

As always with love,

Bishop Jim Humble
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27 Dec 2011 10:34 #9600 by fairchils
My name is ron fancher and I have read your message about being free and I agree with all that you have said, however what troubles me are the serious problems that go with trying to apply these values and I have been around a number of individuals that have attempted to apply these principals and suffered greatly, point in case I lived in arizona for many years and the son of a close friend to me refused to get a drivers license or plates for his car refusing to make a contract with the government as you mentiomed they jailed him for two years that I know of without charging him I have since moved on but he was still locked up when I left and he was treated badly while incarcerated my point is, few of us wish to become a martyr or suffer greatly for our principles in the process of defending our rights so how do we go about making this stand especially without trying to do it from inside a jail cell obviously a place none of want to be so what I ask of you is to present some realestic strategies to go forward with this concept. I am an outlaw in the true sense of the word and proud of it and I have some issues presently that could be resolved if I was able to deal with them in as you say a common law arena. We have all become aware of the atrocities our government has pulled off such as ruby ridge, waco texas, montana stand off and many others. I will look forward to your reply, I am glad to be a part of this movement including MMS and I would like to attend one of your seminars and meet some of the people in part, however that is not affordable to me so I will do what I can from where I am. thank you for all that you have done and again I will look forward to your reply. Ron Fancher

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10 Feb 2012 11:52 - 14 Feb 2012 14:08 #12106 by lightworker
jim made sense here.

if you want to learn how to use your natural god given rights, i highly recommend the videos ofMax igan and dean c clifford as a good starting point. Here is Maxes website

lessons in trust law.

is another great website, helping to free people from fictional debt, that was created out of thin air by the banks, with free template letters. Check it out - it is very useful, and helping to free people from the financial system, in many ways. it also has a very friendly and helpful forum.

Also watch dean cliffords presentations on youtube if you want to learn about the law and your rights and how to enforce them.

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