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Question requesting clarification on Lyme herbs/supplements with MMS (I'm sure this is a common question)

25 Feb 2018 22:21 #57727 by Knutfan
Hi all, I found out about MMS just after I began herbal protocol for Lyme. I had JUST placed a big order for a bunch of bulk and live herbs and then ran across MMS. I read Jim's book but to be honest, I am feeling very anxious and easily overwhelmed and frightened. I don't have brain fog, just easily overwhelmed. I did read on this chat room and in the book that I should stop most supplements and teas and herbs. But then I read that I could take certain things during the hours of the day when I am not dosing the MMS. Can someone help me out here? Also, I saw on youtube that there are people helping "patients" who are trying MMS. How can I get in touch with a human to talk to?

thank you in advance!

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