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24 Oct 2010 20:41 - 21 Oct 2011 18:24 #13 by brtanner
Links to Sovereignty Education sites was created by brtanner
Robert-Arthur: Menard and the World Freeman Society - Rob, a former standup comedian, is the original Freeman on the North American Continent - has MANY great videos on YouTube:

Winston Shrout - Winston's choice is to work within the Administrative System, and he shows you how to do that.
Main Site (Solutions in Commerce):

The Peoples United Communities: - Website started by Briton John Harris - information on issues of statutory law, British administrative systems and commercial law, Common Purpose, etc. Includes a lively forum.

Love-For-Life Australia - Arthur and Fiona Cristian's unique site supporting their quest for Freedom
Page with Over 300 links to Sovereignty Documents on: Free Man - Freedom From Statutes - Rules Of Law - Private Corporations - Fiction - Sovereignty - Admiralty Law Honour-Dishonour

Eldon G. Warman: (Has instructions on how to lawfully file "income" taxes with Revenue Canada or IRS)

Barefoot Bob Hardison's educational resources : - A massive trove of informative links, Sovereignty, the UCC, The Constitution, Native American info, etc.

Adask's Law blog: - Alfred Adask is a proponent of the UPPER CASE Corporate Legal Fiction explanation - He's had experiences that bear it out.

Books, etc.

The Extortion SYSTEM of the Ruling Elite by Rob Hay - (if this file turns up missing on this site, private message me on this forum and I'll get it to you... Bruce

Mary Croft's "Spiritual Economics Now" blog, source of pdf of current edit of her book "HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN" (note: Mary's recent posts suggest that the techniques she used and talks about in her book are no longer working as the system has fallen deeper into corruption in the last eight years)
Videos about Reclaiming Sovereignty and Maintaining Common Law Jurisdiction:

Video page on the website - Videos with Robert-Arthur: Menard:
Videos include - Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception, The Magnificent Deception, With Lawful Excuse, Security of The Person, Hijacking Humanity - Chapter 3 "Commerce and Law" (featuring Rob), Luke-Michele: Denis Freeman-on-the-Land speaks about taxes, Rob's Very Cunning Plan.

John Harris: "It's An Illusion" Talk at Lawful Rebellion Conference, Stoke-on-Trent

Thomas: (J.?) Anderson: The Strawman Illusion - 1 hr. 35 min.

Brian Gerrish: "State of the Nation" Talk at Lawful Rebellion Conference, Stoke-on-Trent

Johnny Liberty: at the Granada Forum, May 25, 1995 - 1 hr. 50 min.

Winston Shrout: Kelowna Seminar ~13 hours
Fort Collins Seminar ~9 hours

Russ Porisky - Paradigm Education Group: Your Human Rights and The Illusion - 3 hrs. 24 min.
Website: - Highly recommended coverage of the crucial Natural Person/Artificial Person Question with a particular emphasis on the Canadian "Income" tax. Paradigm Education Group: Reclaiming Our Rights

Videos and DVDs on Alternative History and Social Issues :

Freedom to Fascism - Aaron Russo's classic film on his search for the law that makes Americans liable for an "income" tax, and how the deception around the lack of this statutory requirement (which would be unConstitutional) is at the heart of movement by illegitimate power for total social control.

Kymatica - Fantastic effort by Ben and Daniel: Stewart on the insanity of society ruled by what they call "The False Ego," and about how awareness is the answer to how we're stuck. Sequel to Esoteric Agenda. Both available streaming online

Zeitgeist Ground-breaking documentary on Solar Religious Cults, the anomalies of the 9/11 "Official Story," and the Federal Reserve. Available streaming online.

Money as Debt - A 47 minute simple animation outlining the evolution of our astoninshing system of debt financing.

Videos of interest (people's stories, etc.):

:arrow: Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst - Irene has been doing pioneering work maintaining her Common Law jurisdiction and teaching in the cause of Freedom. Choosing Freedom - Her Own Words: Irene's Story , (Irene talks about her divorce and the sale of her house despite attempts at foreclosure), Choosing Freedom - Part 1 of 2 - Part 2 of 2 (video of RCMP officers and bank officials attempting to change Irene's locks), Choosing Freedom - An Introduction (Irene explains her journey and her workshops), Choosing Freedom, Part 1 (short film with Irene describing her ideas) , I Do Not Consent (Irene and Squammish Elders post an eviction notice on a courthouse), A Message from the Sovereign Squammish Nation .

Foreclosure Fraud in California: Part 1 Part 2
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21 Oct 2011 05:04 #6861 by dishpan
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Thank you for bringing all this information together

I found this to be inspiring as well, though not as detailed as I desire:


Aside from a copy of Black's law dictionary, could you recommend other books to obtain?

wish you well-
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21 Oct 2011 18:30 #6909 by brtanner
Replied by brtanner on topic Links to Sovereignty Education sites
Hey Dish, Welcome to the Forum!

Well, I consider myself at best a student of what you might call "Sovereignty Technology."

I would recommend watching all of the Winston Shrout videos you can. Also, Rob Menard's stuff - Follow his YouTube channel.The corrupt Administrative System is in the process of major damage control now as more and more people are waking up to its nature.

I tend to think that there's really no way of beating it at its own game. We need to create something new, and how we're going to go about that is something that we're just waking up to.

Thinking about this is jamming my brain right now. Please feel free to ask more questions as you go along. It will be great if this helps stir up some interest in these matters.

In health freedom,
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03 Apr 2012 23:20 #15438 by canarb
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The link to returns the following msg:

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Any hints??

Tried a number of times and no-go...

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04 Jun 2013 05:50 #33512 by KennethWalter
Replied by KennethWalter on topic Links to Sovereignty Education sites
Simply do a search for robert menard....I believe bursting bubbles was one of the first of his I looked at and enjoyed.

I recently came upon MMS and FGHP therapy at the same time. And NOW more recently, I stumbled into old therapies, like turpentine!
And I always support peoples right to choose whichever therapy they see fit to take!
youtube- daniels, why turpentine is good for your health most excellent info with instructions and warnings for proper preparation prior to using turp should you choose to do so.
diamond g in georgia was the best turp I found.
also check out the borax conspiracy about arthritis, worth your time to read.


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11 Sep 2014 07:55 #47344 by Danforth
Replied by Danforth on topic Links to Sovereignty Education sites
You can also research Sovereignty on the new website that's in over 600 languages. The most translated website on the internet. WWW.JW.ORG
Also can research ways to improve your quality of life in general especially since it affects our health.

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