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Question Flu taking long time to fix

07 Jun 2016 00:42 #52448 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic Flu taking long time to fix
Feedback from users is that small, hourly doses work better (in most cases) that 3 large doses/day.

It's possible MMS1 doses are not completing activation in your stomach, so you may be getting more CLO2 from CDS which needs no further activation.

You are finding what works best for your body, which is the right idea. Some people get better results taking MMS1/CDS/CDH as many hours as they can take it and not just 8 hours/day.

Supplements may interfere when on MMS protocols. Try with and without and let us know the results.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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07 Jun 2016 09:42 #52450 by rivka770
Replied by rivka770 on topic Flu taking long time to fix
i am also worried if MMS affecting herbal and homeopathic supplements so they don't work.

Today I was taking MMS and CDS first half of the day till I got the chinese herbs. But for the rest of the day I am taking the herbs 2 hours away from 2 big doses of MMS.
I was taught a trick to take charcoal with MMS to reduce Herxheimer. I don't have much of a problem with 11-12 drops + charcoal just before jumping into bed. It feels unpleasant , but I usually fall asleep quickly.
Big dose before bed worked incredible results for me number of times...but not always.

as to 'method #1' - I took half drop in 100mls. I was afraid to repeat it in one hour , so took 3 activated drops then. In two hours I started feeling very nauseous and took few hours break from MMS. But my condition was behaving well for the rest of the day and at night.

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