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David and I have been working a little on some church promotion documentation that could be used in emails, flyers, or advertisements.
Unprecedented Healing Breakthrough

Permit us to introduce ourselves,

Genesis 2 Church ~ Tanzania Mission

Dedicated to Health & Healing

We heal the sick FREE of charge. Anyone who is sick can come to us and we will provide simple, non-toxic minerals to cure 95% of all diseases known. Bishop Jim Humble started this Church to carry out the mission of Christ who always healed the sick free of charge. We don’t have any beliefs or dogmas to impose on anyone.

We provide the minerals needed and instructions to use them, and ongoing support until you are cured. Most conditions can be successfully treated in about 3 weeks with diligent effort. Even chronic, advanced or life threatening disease conditions are routinely halted and cured in a matter of weeks or occasionally longer.

Once your health has been restored, only then do we ask you to consider a donation to our Church. Our vision is to bring healing to the whole world. We are proud to report our sole support comes from voluntary donations and volunteer workers.

Please do feel free to contact me with any condition and I will train you to heal yourself or your friends.
About the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was founded in 2010 by Bishop Jim Humble to further the spread of information about and availability of MMS (Master Mineral Solution - sodium chlorite), MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite which creates hypochlorous acid, a chemical used by the immune system) and related healing modalities.

The World Headquarters of the Church are located in the Dominican Republic (Republica Dominicana), where the Church offers Trainings for prospective Ministers of Health in the use of the MMS protocols, as well as a Healing Ministry for people with life-threatening or chronic conditions on a voluntary donation basis or free for those in need.

It is not a religious church, but a church that only demands of its members to heal the sick, help the poor and be generally a good person doing right and not wrong.

Spiritual practice is optional to its members, here are some links to find out more about the church.

And here are some independent websites that might interest you:

Hope you have found the above info useful and have studied the links I have provided to give you a clearer picture of where I am coming from.

Here's the link to the churches forum, please do join and post any further comments, opinions or questions and the community will help you further.

Thanks and hoping you see the positive sides in Bishop Jim Humble is trying to create.

Love and Peace,

Rev. Dr. Daud John Kiango (David)

Archbishop Michael Harrah
Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing
Founder Chapter 129 Arizona
My MMS Yahoo group:

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MMS Newsletter

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22 Mar 2012 04:17 #14815 by Greenland
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this brings me to tears. i love you compassion for people. Sir Humble's vision is amazing. i am truly moved.

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