Question New Genesis II Church World Headquarters in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

14 Mar 2012 17:30 #14325 by brtanner

You read that headline right! The Genesis II Church is
expanding rapidly and they have relocated their headquarters
to beautiful (and easy to get to) Puerta Vallarta Mexico.

Here is a photo of the new location and its surroundings.

The Voice of MMS team just went down to visit Jim there
and it is an amazing facility! It was only a 2 minute
taxi ride from the airport! Plus we walked to the beach
after dinner in the evening!

We will let you know all of the contact info as soon
as it is available.

Dr Ron Neer
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15 Mar 2012 08:06 #14375 by Peter Mican
Dr. Ron Neer has a great newsletter and seems to have a good line to the HQ's of Genesis II Church Hq's.
He always has great news for us :-)

But why do we not get this important info's straight from the HQ's ?

We have to subscribe to all kind of newsletters to get the latest info's about our church and MMS.

It is strange that latest news come out always from outside sources, never from the HQ.


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