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Question MMS and Antibiotics, please advise

01 Aug 2018 03:44 #58841 by Aamber888
MMS and Antibiotics, please advise was created by Aamber888
Hello, I've been taking the antibiotic doxycycline for 3 months now for my severe acne, which has cleared up. I'm on a 2 a day high dose of 100mg morning and night, have about one more week left of this high dose and then they are going to drop me down to 20mg morning and night for maintenance. I just started taking MMS and doing the protocol from Jim's book for genital herpes - starting procedure, mold/fungus, then protocol 1000. Tomorrow will be day three and I'm wondering if it's ok to take doxycycline at these does while trying to heal my herpes on MMS. I'm currently taking it during my breakfast meal while taking MMS 30 minutes in beteen the doses (bc I usually start in the morning) and then later at night before I go to bed while not actively taking the MMS. I know both kills bacteria so will this be too much? I'm nervous to stop the antibiotics and just rely on the MMS to clear up my skin, but if it's going to be more effective this way I'll do what's best to get rid of the HSV2 virus. I've been searching all over for answers on this, and some say it's OK to take them both, but it also depends on the type of antibiotic. And some say it could be too detoxifying and to lower one of the does. I'm looking for real answers if anyone has them, thanks so much!

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