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Question Help!

11 Jul 2018 04:58 #58751 by Tia86
Help! was created by Tia86
I just started MMS protocol 1000 for HSV2. I am experiencing the worst outbreak I have ever had in my LIFE! I took a mms and dmso bath, and even applied both topically to the site and it BURNS! I'm in tears. Is this normal? I started off with using CDS and DMSO last week while maintaining my raw green diet and even dry fasting once a week. Now I'm taking MMS cus I heard it was more effective than MMS. I no longer no what to do. I can barely walk smh

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11 Jul 2018 06:02 - 11 Jul 2018 06:02 #58752 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic Help!
Are you following the HRP in Jim Humble's latest book, MMS Health Recovery Guidebook?

On page 115 in the book it says:

Herpes (all types): Begin with the Starting Procedure. Then go on to the Mold/Fungus Protocol, first, before continuing on to Protocol 1000 and following the HRP as needed (always observing the Three Golden Rules) until well.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
Websites: MMSinfo.org * www.facebook.com/groups/ebolacures/
Instructional Videos: www.youtube.com/channel/UCXv6hCnvjMmGg4_AYq4wlNw
Instructional Videos: www.real.video/channel/clo2works
Answers to many questions are in Jim Humble's books: jhbooks.org/
How to use CDS, CDH in Protocols: www.mmsinfo.org/infosheets/CDS_CDH_and_Protocols-2.pdf

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15 Jul 2018 18:41 #58765 by nuffder
Replied by nuffder on topic Help!
I would stick with it. The virus is fighting for its life. You might have flushed out some viruses that had been quite comfy for years. Don't apply topically if it burns. Not sure if Herpes 2 can exist in biofilms?

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17 Jul 2018 19:01 #58767 by Elaine
Replied by Elaine on topic Help!
Watch "Get Rid of Herpes-Simplex 1 and 2 FOREVER!!!" on YouTube

This works....but you have to be true to yourself meaning eat correctly and drink plenty of clean water, get good sleep, and follow directions. Like Kareem says...you can make your own oregano oil...you dont have to purchase his, but you must dilute the essential oil properly if using this method. Best wishes Tia!!

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