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Question Herpes Viral Testing

02 Aug 2016 22:51 #53080 by Hicks
Herpes Viral Testing was created by Hicks

I finished my MMS protocol about 4 weeks ago (Protocol 1000 (with a few additions!) for 3 weeks). I had a cold sore OB on my nose which Ive had about 3 - 4 times per year for about 15 years. At the end of the 3 weeks taking MMS1 and occasional MMS2 I had another OB! I was so PO'd I mixed up a 15 drop dose and took it! Within seconds I felt a weird "fizzing" sensation in the area of the OB for about 10 seconds, and after about 5 minutes I could sense that the virus was dead. By morning it had scabbed over (a weird white scab I've never had before!). I've tried very hard over the last month to get another OB - lots of beer, chocolate, pizza and late nights (my usual triggers) and nothing has happened. Usually I'd get an OB after 2 days of this kind of behaviour, but 4 weeks later - nothing!
I'm convinced this virus has gone from my body, but I cannot find a viral test that doesn't require the presence of a lesion. Is it the case that there is no proven test for the HSV virus and that only antibody tests are available? (IgG etc) (Antibodies remain in your blood for life even if a virus is gone). I've heard of the new ddPCR machine, but since the virus is not blood born I guess even that won't pick it up (?). I want to prove this is gone but don't know how. Any ideas?
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01 Aug 2018 01:58 #58838 by Aamber888
Replied by Aamber888 on topic Herpes Viral Testing
Hey! Just curious what additions you did, and if you ever found out a way to test the virus. I have heard of some negative antibodies tests from others that have used MMS on various forums.

I just started the starting procedure 3 days ago, then will do the mold and back to the 1000. I had a cortisone shot for a ruptured disc in my neck today, and I'm wondering if this will affect the MMS. Let me know if you have any thought. Are you still symptom free?

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