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Question 6x6

20 Jan 2016 05:46 #50873 by Raindrops
6x6 was created by Raindrops
Hello one and all,

I have been taking MMS for almost 2 weeks and I have managed to reach to 6 drops every hour for 6 hours. I also apply MMS and DMSO topically as I'm using it for HSV 1 infection.

My question is, is 36 drops per day (6 drops every hour for 6 hours) enough MMS for an HSV infection?
And how long do I need to take it for?

I've only had one outbreak and that was extremely mild, with no itching or burning. However, since taking the MMS I've noticed a tingling sensation usually on my 5th or 6th dose. From what I've read, I know this is normal but I'm not sure if I should be taking more hourly doses.


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25 Jan 2016 18:56 #50906 by Andrew.P
Replied by Andrew.P on topic 6x6
Since you said you've only had one outbreak I am assuming you are asking how long it will take to eradicate the virus from your body completely.

As far as i know there are no confirmed reports of people removing the virus completely using MMS. The only way to tell would be a lab test, which tests for antibodies, not the actual virus. The antibodies would still be there even if the virus was no longer in the body.

From anecdotal reports on this forum and elswhere over the years my understanding is that MMS helps with shortening outbreaks and preventing future outbreaks, but not actually eradicating the virus completely. That's due to the fact that herpes doesn't stay in the blood, but rather the nerves which are deeper and harder to get to.

For HSV1 it is said that the virus goes dormant around your spine in the upper back/ neck area. I have no idea if this is actually true or just one of those "scientific facts" that everyone knows. If it is true, rubbing MMS and DMSO into the back of your neck and upper back might be a good idea.

I believe Mark Grenon has developed a protocol for herpes which he claims has been successful at completely eradicating the virus, but that involves more than just MMS. I don't know the protocol and I don't know if he's made it public.

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