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Solved MMS Protocol 1000+ for HSV1 (genital) - Herpes

03 Sep 2014 05:18 #47216 by christopherp
Hi there,

I'm new this forum and I just wanted to ask a few questions. I have done lots of research via this forum and other sources on the internet but I am still a bit confused on how to cure herpes.

I contracted HSV-1 (genital) a couple of months ago and haven't had an outbreak since.

- I'm about to start protocol 1000+ with the added DMSO but I have heard it reduces the effects of the MMS, is this correct?
- I will also take a couple of baths a week with added MMS, should I also add DMSO in the bath?
- I purchased DMSO-Premium BP Grade 70% Solution-500ml, will this be ok when adding to MMS as its only 70% or should I add more DMSO drops?
- Should I also add MMS2 to the protocol?
- I've already read that I should be taking L-lysine also each day, what amount should I be taking?
- In terms of putting MMS onto the genitals/lower back, would the spray bottle technique be sufficient or is it better to mix MMS with DMSO together (how to apply as its liquid)?

My diet at the moment consists mainly of meat, brown rice and vegetables (pumpkin, greens, sweet potato, beetroot) Is this ok to continue? I also eat a lot as I train at the gym 4x a week and compete.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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16 Sep 2014 02:44 #47401 by Archer
Lysine worked wonders for me when I had shingles - you also got to avoid L-arginine - found in Nuts, etc

Can't remember the quantity I took but Lysine work for sure to ease the pain.

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28 Sep 2014 02:18 #47537 by freeagain
Replied by freeagain on topic MMS Protocol 1000+ for HSV1 (genital) - Herpes
Can any1, talk about protocol 1000+ ??
that reduce the mms effect ??

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