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Question Advice about approaches to Latent Herpes Simplex

27 Oct 2010 06:03 #22 by brtanner
Question from Guest:

Today I did one drop per hour. No unusual symptoms appeared.

I was talking to a friend and his wife. He said at one point in time he was doing 8 drops per hour. His protocol seems different than the protocol you introduced.

Based on what you are saying in your email, I should ramp up to 3 drops per hour and then stay there, and not increase the drops per hour. Is that correct?

My memory was that I should just keep increasing my drops per hour until I felt like it was detoxifying my system and I had symptoms like upset stomach, headaches, diarrhea – which are a manifestation of toxins being released. If I increase the drops per hour to a high dose, how long should I stay with the protocol before stopping?

My answer:
Well, it depends on the approach that makes sense to you. I have seen posts on bulletin boards where people felt they were cured using the previous "X drops 2 times (or 3) a day" regimen. I just saw one about a couple where the husband thought it had completely cured him, and the wife did not, and had an outbreak.

I think the 3 drops/hour protocol is far better than the 2 times a day larger doses. So, I suspect that 3 drop doses will probably eradicate further outbreaks. However, if it doesn't, and you do have an outbreak, you can still do the Protocol 2000 after that.

Or, you can get radical and use Protocol 2000 to start out with (also, like the P1000, for 3 months), go over 3 drops for 10 hours a day, up to where you limit out, and I think you will, and have to cut back and find your tolerance level. Some people seem to believe that MMS doesn't attack the virus directly, but weakens the fatty covering on them so the immune system (white corpuscles) destroys them. So it makes a lot of sense when dealing with viruses to use the MMS2/calcium hypochlorite caps (starting with 1/2 of a #5 cap or 1/8 of a #0 cap) every other hour, on the half hour from the MMS doses - for up to 6 doses (usually 5) a day. Like the Protocol

I think the MMS2 is much more heavy in effects on the body than the MMS1 - I had tendencies toward acid indigestion and a severe detox reaction (with a cold). But I think it's significantly more probable that the herpes will be wiped out. With the P2000, I would definitely be diligent in keeping hydrated and take supplements including vitamin C and 50 mg. iodine tablets (maybe 2 a day for 3 days, then 1 per week or so). I can tell you a home test for iodine deficiency.

But again, Protocol 1000 for 3 months at 3 drops/hour for 8 hours, has, I think, a good possibility of stopping outbreaks permanently. I hope this is helpful. I have some other ideas about clearing pathogens out of the body that perhaps we can talk about sometime.

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17 Dec 2010 00:21 #130 by MoJoe
Bruce....great work and dedication as always...what have you heard about Oil of Oregano and
Also, I've heard some 'conflicting' info lately..as you know, Richard is adamant regarding Nano Silver vs Herpes...
Then there is the argument that 'nano' although in concept is far superior to 'collodial', nano is a 'memory', similar to some of the new MMS pills..
how has your herpes research evolved to date?..
thanks bruce and happy holidays...jp

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