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TOPIC: Hep-C does mms get rid of this monster?

Re: Hep-C does mms get rid of this monster? 31 Jan 2013 04:18 #29913

Yes i have been corresponding with Joe Plocovich. He told me he cured his HepC in 2010. I have asked him but have never received his blood work. I'm still waiting...he has been real busy with his dad's illness and taking care of him. Not sure if he has papers stating this but i will ask again. I know what you mean and I to am always wondering if i can talk with someone who has cured their HepC. Joe did give me his protocol that he did for 1 year. I have not been doing it right because of all the antioxidants I take. I'm now off everything for at least 3 months. I have emailed Colleen from the Church of Genisis and she says that she has heard of many people that have. I would love to hear from them myself. I have also talked in person with a man by the name of Doug. He says he travelled with Jim for 10 years. He had some health issues and said it took him 3 years. He did the MMS and a few other things along with it. The hardest thing for me is i'm so healthy eating that it kills the MMS. I will have to eat like a Cave man for 3 months and see what happens. Just got my loads back 730,000 down from 2 million 4 months again. Yes they do bounce around. I know when the went from 320,000 to 1.2 mil the mms was working pulling the virus into my blood. It's working you have to just keep going. Everybody is different. Some take 3 months and some take 3 years. I think if it's not curing us it's because of how your taking it. I have also done protocol 2 also. I did it for the last month of the last year. I was thinking my blood work would be zero but came back 2.1mil. I was so bummed. Now it's down again. I have also made and done the CDS. Yes it's much easier to take for sure. I was just wondering if it's as effective. I stopped after my loads went up but am now doing mms 6-8 doses per day. I think i will make some CDS ...my husband is sick and he won't do the mms because of the taste. Bronchial's and coughing. I will do Protocol 1000 with this. God Bless and hope there is someone reading this that will decide to share their stories also.

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Re: Hep-C does mms get rid of this monster? 31 Jan 2013 05:07 #29917

Hello Debibrown

I started this topic last year and began the Pro-1000. About 1 week ago I visited my clinic and had another blood draw. I was disappointed that my AST & Alt had gone up some. My Amylase actually came down about 23 u/l. They did not do another viral count as that is expensive to do and I'm going through the VA.

As far as my AST & ALT goes I was surprised to find that anyone that has had HCV will usually show an Elevated level that can be as much as 5 times the upper normal amount and still be considered slightly above normal. My AST was 143 and my ALT was 160. So I'm well within the 5 times category.

I did the Pro-1000 for three weeks. Since then I have been doing a 3-4 drop maintenance dose everyday. My schedule with work etc. does not allow me to do the Pro-1000 full time as I can not seem to keep from getting the nasty symptoms that force me into the bathroom in a hurry.

I will visit my Dr. tomorrow and one of my main questions will be what is considered to be a life threatening level with regard to AST & ALT, etc. The last thing I want is having to go thru the Interferon treatment and since I'm a type 1 it would be iffy at best.

I hope everyone reading this has success in their use of MMS.

Michael B)
:-) Michael :-)

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