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TOPIC: Protocol question

Protocol question 02 Aug 2012 22:34 #20735

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I am hep C positive, but my biopsy is 2 out of 18 so really I am one of hte lucky ones for now. Nevertherless I want it out of my body completely.

I tried following the Protocoll 1000 today (first day - ie 3 drops MMS + 3 drops citrus solution leave to fuse together for 30 seconds, add a glass of water and drink down - do this every hour for 8 hours.

So this went on from 8am to 4pm - I then stopped for the rest of the day.

Is the correct?

My view is there is no way I want to be having to do this every hour of every day. That would be no fun at all. The protocol doesnt mention anything after that so do I just take the rest of the day off and do it again tomorrow for 8 hours and then keep going for the fuill 3 weeks as seems to be prescribed.

Your reply to this will help me greatly.

All the best


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Re: Protocol question 02 Aug 2012 22:54 #20737

Yes, it's 8 hours a day, once an hour - if you find the 3 drops a bit much to take at the beginning, you can go a bit slower. If you go to JimHumble.biz, on the right hand side of the page are the protocols - under the link for 1000, there's a video from Mark, showing you how to do up a full days dosing, so you're not stuck at home for 3 weeks.
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