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TOPIC: Hep B ,tired ,sleepy ,

Re: Hep B ,tired ,sleepy , 28 May 2012 18:22 #17882

Yes ,selenium is toxic if used in higher dosage- i mentioned that since its a part of DR Berkson protocol.

I had this terrible pain on my lower right side (under ribs) and i just started to use
alpha lipoic acid since last Thursday.Today is Monday -I am taking 200 mgr in the morning and 200 mgr in afternoon.Pain almost went away.feel much better overall.

I did read bout 6 weeks alpha lipoic acid treatment where liver was recovering with an impressive speed.
I would recommend reading book by Dr Burt Berkson on ALA use.
I am still waiting for my MMS to arrive,hopefully tomorrow so i can start slow as you suggested Jescola 1 drop every hour.
I am very glad i found this forum.Thank you all.

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Re: Hep B ,tired ,sleepy , 03 Jun 2012 23:16 #18210

Hi i would like to start asap but there are few things i need to know first.
I ordered solution from Amazon and received it last week.You recommended Protocol 1000 and i have question how to mix it.I would like to start slow since i have HEP B.
Let me know please.

Hello Pam, Satoshi

Daily dose for protocol 1000 is 24 drops @ 5ml each or 120mg / day

OMS said that a daily dose has to be less than 200mg or ppm (if we do prepare 1 liter water with it),
so we are safe.

I did achieved that dose with less drops, since caps has bigger holes and chlorite has bigger % on
the mixture I get from the lab (here).

For me, 8 drops is about 140mg dose, so I run 8 drops / day for protocol 1000...

Results are very good, so I think I'm doing things right...

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