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Question hep c

28 Feb 2012 07:07 #13278 by paul
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28 Feb 2012 17:01 - 28 Feb 2012 17:03 #13300 by Matthieu Le Bleux
Replied by Matthieu Le Bleux on topic hep c

added to:

"Before-After "Blood Test Results" for Hepatitis"

As some of you might already know from my former post on here, I found out that I had Hep.C a year ago, when my stomach filled up with fluids, [ascites] and my belly button ruptured from the large amount of fluids, which I was taken to the hospital, where they drained 7.2 liters of fluid out of my stomach, and put me on diuretics.
I had also become very weak and ended up in a wheel chair for some time.
After initial blood screening and CT scan, I was told that I had end-stage Hep.C and given 6 months or less to live. From that point I was referred to a Liver specialist who told me that I was too far in the 4th stage to be considered for the standard interferon treatments and the 6 months or less, was re-confirmed... that I should just go home to get my ducks in order. Nothing short of a liver-transplant would help.

Over the past year I've researched and have treated myself at home with herbs. to slow down the progression of the virus, and from a years worth of trial and error testing with herbal treatments, the most effective I've found to help control the virus is with a liver formula herbal blend called:Xiao Chai Hu San, which I made into the 00 sized capsules. This with other basic herbs like Milk Thistle etc. helped a lot, but though I've heard of those cases where Hep.C virus was healed with herbal methods, I've never been able to stop the virus with herbs, even with my best efforts to do so. This lead me to continue "Searching"...and lead me to run across the news about the MMS.

NOTE: I would also like to mentioned that after reading several of the post on here about MMS, I wanted to give the MMS a "True Testing" for myself, without any outside influences, so I stopped taking any herbs while taking the MMS, though I did continue taking supplements of Vitamin B-12,B-6 etc.but not within an hour of taking any MMS. My Goal was to let the MMS stand-alone upon it's own Merit. I'm not one that buys into or puts a lot of faith in blown-up advertisements or claims by others. Is MMS for real? And if so, just how good is it? And how effective is it without any help from outside sources like herbs or etc. taken along with it? I don't drink, and stick to a healthy diet. ~ So here's my results of finding the answers to these questions.

I ordered a bottle of MMS and after receiving it, I started taking it Mar.8th, 2010. But to not get ahead of myself here, here is my blood test results BEFORE and AFTER starting on MMS.

The results of my Liver panel blood test dated:
.......Feb.3rd, 2010.~ April 2nd,2010.
__________ ____________
ALT~{ SGPT } *85 ~*25 Normal Range: < 0 - 48 >
AST~{ SGOT } *54 ~*21 ............< 0 - 37 >
Alkaline Phos. *168 ~ *153 ..........< 20 - 136 >
Glucose ........*130 ~*107 ..............< 65 - 115 >
Anion Gap ......*9.0 ~*16.0 ..........< 10. - 20.>
__________________________________________________ _____
Note: I started the MMS [Mar.8th], with only 1 drop per day for the first few days, and then started to slowly ramp up to 10 drops once a day on Mar.17th. ~Then I started to take more doses per day on Mar.18th.
Mar.18th= 12; 8; and 10drop dose for a total of 3 doses that day.
Mar.19th= 10; 10; 8; 10 drop doses. [Got mild stomach upsets]
Mar.20th= 10; 10 drop doses. Figured out that I needed a different juice
Mar.21st= 7; 7; 7;drop doses Started taking it with 100%pure Prune Juice
Mar.22nd= 7;7;7;7;3;3;7 drops. Read that more doses works better.
Mar.23rd= 9;9;9;9;9;drops. Being aggressive with hammering the virus!
Mar.24th= 7;7;7;7;7,drops. The ole' stomach upsets again..dropping back.
Mar.25th= 5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5,drops. Hammering every hr. all day long!!
Mar.26th=5;5;5;10;5;5;10;10;8,drops. Being aggressive again!
Mar.27th=5;5;7;7;7;10;5,drops Feeling my oats and getting outdoors more
Mar.28th=5;8;5;6;5;5;5;5,drops. Having mild "D" every morning but okay.
Mar.29th=5;5;5;6;5;6;5,drops. Losing energy, toxic build up..
Mar.30th=5;5;5;5;5;7;5;5;5, ~Ignoring side effects, Enough of this Virus!
Mar.31st=3;3;5;4;5;4;3;4.~Had 2 big "D" dumps this morning! feeling sick.
Apr.1st=5;3;4;3;3;4, Spacing does out every couple hrs. or so now..
Apr.2nd=5;3;4;4;3;3.Had BLOOD TEST 2 hrs.after 1st dose this morning.
Apr.3rd=3;3;3;3;3;3;5;5, Planning to continue with lower doses....
Apr.4th=3;3;3;3;4. Will continue taking moderate doses like this now for another few months, so as to pick up any hidden viruses in lymph nodes, tissue, or tooth fillings.
*sleeping much better than before, better appetite too. Now that my blood test is established...I'm going back on some herbs to help clear out the toxin and to stiffen up my immune system too. Will see how that goes with my next blood test in May.

The above Blood Test stands on it's own merits and needs no further proof as far as I'm concerned, simply because I've "NEVER" seen such a Normal reading with any of my blood-test over the past year, as I have with the MMS. And in such a short period of time too.

---It's the REAL DEAL VIRAL KILLER ~ No doubt about it---

Jim Humble's MMS Books: jhbooks.org
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28 Feb 2012 17:58 #13305 by tish1844
Replied by tish1844 on topic hep c
Two people I know must read this. Thanks for sharing.

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18 Aug 2012 23:40 #21483 by Dlhnorthwest
Replied by Dlhnorthwest on topic hep c
Hi Matthew Graile

Congrats on your great labs. Have you had any blood work done recently? I am curious as to anyones progress over time . They gave me 2-5 years and that was 6 years ago . MMS is easy walk in the park compared to interferon and rebutron therapy. That stuff eats wholes in your brain and makes me violently ill ,no one knows the long term effects yet.

All the best to you in your health

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25 Aug 2012 23:04 #21886 by rsbackus
Replied by rsbackus on topic hep c
I'm advising a friend with hep c. I wonder if you can update your progress, blood results, protocols, advice etc.

Thank you,

Rev Richard Backus

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26 Aug 2012 02:52 #21904 by ainthurtinnobody
Replied by ainthurtinnobody on topic hep c
I'm really busy this weekend but I will respond to your questions Monday.

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27 Aug 2012 00:13 #21953 by ainthurtinnobody
Replied by ainthurtinnobody on topic hep c
Is anyone familiar with this problem? Is it possible to have serveral herx reactions over a 2 week period? Like as in have one get better and have another etc. Just curious because I seemed to have undergone such a situation.

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01 Nov 2012 05:24 #25795 by skiangel
Replied by skiangel on topic hep c
Do you know if the MMS works better than the CDS? I read that the CDS was more effective, but then read elsewhere that it did not work like the MMS for malaria and some blood born diseases.

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01 Nov 2012 15:21 #25824 by pam
Replied by pam on topic hep c
We are still discovering information re: CDS and where it is the most efficacious. As an example, if you were using MMS for a 2000 protocol, you'd use max 10-12 drops a dose. Andreas Kalcker is suggesting 10mL of CDS, which is truly the equivalent of 30 drops of MMS an hour. Experimentation is still going on. Andreas is writing a CDS book - hope it's out soon!

Yes, CDS did not seem to work as well with malaria - but I'm not quite sure why. This was back in the early days - was it the size of the doses? Is there something "left over" (like hypochlorous acid) when you activate MMS with citric acid which helps the healing? Haven't heard as of yet.

Archbishop - Genesis II Church of Health and Healing - Washington State
pam @ genesis2church.is (remove spacing)

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