Question mms and anxiety

23 Jun 2018 09:27 #58654 by gavhof
mms and anxiety was created by gavhof
i just started mms. i was living in the amazon jungle the past year and a half where i had malaria 3 times, the last 2 i feel could have been relapses so i decided to take mms to make sure its gone and to kill any parasites i may have. i went for protocol 1000 as i also suffer from restless leg syndrome. i took it for 2 days starting on 4 drops the first day then 8 the second. physically i was ok but mentally i felt wasn't feeling good. it was like i was totally stuck in my head and was quite anxious and by the second night i decided to stop taking it. I'm recovering from c-ptsd and it felt like perhaps it put me into some type of trauma response. my question is whats going on? is this common? and would i still benefit from just taking 4 drops a day for 3 weeks?? the thoughts of working up to 24 drops a day sends shivers down my spin. but i feel it was doing something and perhaps keeping it at a low dose will still help. any thoughts?????


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