Question Help! Cat sick - Constipated, Swollen lymph nodes in intestines

10 Jun 2018 09:05 #58603 by tararaucci
A few days ago I had to take my precious 12 year old cat to the emergency vet. They said she has swollen lymph nodes in her intestines. She normally weighs 11 lbs. and she got down to 6.5 lbs. Since being home she started eating again and gained 0.8 lbs but now she is constipated.

I purchased 3 of Jim's books, MMS & DMSO but I am still confused on what dosage to give her. I gave her the 6 and according to her weight and she handled that fine. What do I do next to try to get her to eliminate? Then what is the daily dosage for her size? She weighs 7.1 now.

Thank you!!


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