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15 May 2018 17:33 #58504 by AK
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Just an update post. Started my journey with MMS in December after visit with my doctor while gasping for air. Nothing to write about there as you know they have no answers. I have posted on here with my questions, my struggles, my worries, and I found faith, help, advice, encouragement, and most of all hope. I kept using MMS protocol 1000 until my oxygen level remains at 100 percent and stays there without that protocol now. At the worst is was 88 and of course a journey through a pretty dark night last winter. This site helped and I am writing to thank everyone. I do use MMS in a different way now by adding 4-5 drops of sodium chlorite to a glass of water I have at my bedside during the night, it is not activated but there is enough hydrochloric acid in my stomach to do the job. If this maintenance dose does not continue to do the job then I will revise my plan to what does work. It is in a way sort of surreal coming from where I have been to breathing easily, I can feel muscle tension at times and I use the intention to relax them. The other shoe is not going to drop is it? I am so grateful and amazed. Thank you all for your support and I hope this helps someone in doubt, someone like myself who did not see COPD listed as a category of what MMS could help. I winged it, so just letting others know yes it does work on that condition also and most likely other conditions not listed. I am passing on my own little dose of HOPE to all those who need it. Thank you and bless you all.

Margaret Kelley
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