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13 May 2018 12:54 #58489 by Abi
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Greeting and hope you all doing well
Any advice will be highly appreciated
I will start shortly with my story, last 2 year got very I'll and when I went to doctor I found that I am HIV positive,got my first treatment and a month latter I had a TB and started to treat TB and stopped my Arv about 3moths then back to Arv with different meds. I recovered from TB but the new HIV meds doesn't work for me so doctor told me that I have last chance as I changed ARV twice and he gave me new one which I used since 1 year. My CD 4goes up from 90 to 475 and feeling better and still taking my meds till now twice daily.
I just started MMS last week and am now on 3 drops for 8 hours a day. Felling a bit tired and got diarrhea but stopped after 2 days of starting MMS.
My question is will ARV still works for me or no? as if not I don't have more options with other HIV meds in the country where am living. Also I do buy the medication my self as am not from this country!
If I do stopped the mms is that will harm my health?
Looking forward to hear from you.

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