Question Castor Oil - Okay to use or not?

09 May 2018 04:17 #58474 by Estee77
Castor Oil - Okay to use or not? was created by Estee77
Is it okay to use Castor Oil during protocol 1000 and protocol 2000?

I don't want to counteract the "cleaning" process of mms and mms2. But I've long used castor oil on my skin, particularly the area of my lungs. Recently I developed a cough (caused by paint fumes) and after a week of struggling with the cough and making no progress, one night I did a castor oil pack on my lungs and the cough went away the overnight.

I know Castor Oil stimulates the lymphatic system and circulation, among many other mysterious healing benefits. I also like to take a tablespoon orally in the morning to help with elimination. It really helps.

Dr. Kalcker recommended that a woman with uterine problems apply it internally using a tampon while she was taking mms orally and using cds topically. A testimonial on Youtube features the woman that used it with great success to eliminate her uterine cysts.

So does this mean that Castor Oil okay to use with mms?

Or, will the Castor Oil's antioxidant benefits hurt the mms cleaning ability?

Your help is greatly appreciated. I need help! Any coaches out there?

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