Question Airborne mold and fungus

05 May 2018 17:11 #58432 by Estee77
Airborne mold and fungus was created by Estee77

I just started mms1 and mms2 two weeks ago.

It has caused a new cough, sounds like I'm choking. Mucus is clear and not yellow. I don't feel like it's bronchitis and sinuses. I've never had a problem in my lungs before. This is new since starting mms.

I live in SW Florida and we have airborne toxins and mold, such as red tide in the Gulf that develops in contaminated water systems. Some people say that it results from fertilizer seeping into rivers that feed the Gulf.

I wonder if the mms I'm drinking is fighting the airborne mycotoxins in my lungs, and this is causing me to cough?
Has anyone else ever had this reaction?

I'm deeply concerned that the benefits of the mms won't go beyond my lungs to the places I need it most. I start coughing as soon as I drink it, almost upon contact.

Today I'll try the douche and enema so it can go directly into my bloodstream?

Any other advice?

Thank you!

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