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04 May 2018 15:14 #58428 by Estee77
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Dear Friends in Health,

I began my MMS journey two weeks ago, using Protocols 1000, 1000 Plus and 2000.

I took a starter dose first couple days and worked my way up. The first week I experienced a variety of detox symptoms include fatigue, blurry vision, congestion in my lungs and sinus, bloating and diarrhea. I've stayed the course and increased my dosages steadily.

Currently I'm taking 10 drops/8-10 times per day. And 5 capsules (3/4 full) of Calcium Hypochlorite.

Since I maintain coffee upon waking, I don't start my mms until 11am and then continue through the evening.

During the past week I have been waking up with hip pain - first the right hip and now both hips. I don't have pain in any other joints. The pain goes away shortly after waking and starting my routine.

I've also had stomach pain in the past week.

I have long been concerned about pathogens and cancer due to my family history. I refuse to seek any medical confirmation because my family members have suffered greatly at the hands of traditional medicine.

Could taking mms1 and mms2 exacerbate development of cancer? These new pains have me worried.
I've also developed a dry cough which comes on suddenly with a throat tickle and sounds like a choking attach. The phlegm is clear and not yellow. I cough throughout the day and night. I live in SW Florida and we're experiencing red tide in the Gulf water, which may be causing airborne mold and fungus. Maybe it's related. But the cough only started when I started the protocols.

This coming week I'll be starting enemas and douches to ensure the mms, dms and calcium hypochlorite reach my hips and organs more effectively.

Any insights or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. :)

Love and light!

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