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12 Apr 2018 06:13 #58244 by GM
I've been studying very hard about using MMS and I discovered some very important things through my research and experiments on my body regarding MMS's side effects. I am not a chemist nor a medical professional so I am not able to give a very detailed scientific explanation about my findings. In order to mitigate the side effects of increased MMS usage, one should try to consume a little saltier food when taking MMS. This will reduce or prevent all the side effects from taking MMS. I believe the reason why salt prevents MMS side effects are when MMS enters into the stomach it uses some stomach acid as it reacts in our body. If you have enough stomach acid in your system then you will have less or no side effects, however, if you lack stomach acid in your body then you can have more side effects from MMS even from only a few drops. This is the reason why everybody has a different degree of side effects due to individual differences in stomach acid.
If you don't have enough stomach acid, which may be due to not having enough salt in your body, and you take MMS you will soon start having side effects. In this case try to eat some salty foods (such as saltine crackers, etc). I personally eat my son's snacks (Goldfish crackers). This will relieve your side effects soon. Doing this you can take MMS and increase the MMS drops to get better sooner with better effect.

Stomach acid is produced by salt in our body, so when you don't have a enough salt in your body obviously you can't produce enough stomach acid. This problem will lead to other stomach issues (e.g. indigestion, stomach inflammation, acid reflux, etc.). These issues can be solved simply increase salt in your diet. However, when you increase salt please don't forget to raise your potassium intake to balance it and of course drink water too. Too much water will cause a lack of salt in your body also so make sure to balance salt, potassium and water intake. Nowadays popular media tells people to take 2 liters of water a day without regards to those individuals different salt and potassium consumption and life style. This leads to more allergies and lots of diseases these days. For example, allergies may be due to lack of salt consumption. Again when you take saltier food, take the proper amount of potassium and water to prevent kidney aggravation. When I increased the salt on my food, I stopped having any kind of side effect from MMS but a urine analysis strip showed protein in my urine for a few days. This problem was quickly resolved by taking MMS. After taking 2 days of MMS the proteinuria completely disappeared so I learned my lesson that it's better to take salty vegetables along with a balanced meal gradually. Now I can take a lot more drops and if I get any kind of side effect I immedeately take salty crackers (if it's not at meal time) and I am getting better from my disease.
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